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TechREG Chronicle: Regulating the Digital Economy (Inaugural Edition)

 |  December 6, 2021

CPI with PYMNTS is proud to announce the launch of a new monthly publication: The TechREG Chronicle. It will be available to our subscribers in parallel to the Antitrust Chronicle. This first TechREG Chronicle has seven articles from top experts on regulation for the digital economy, including Martin Cave, David S. Evans and Randal Picker.

The regulation of digital businesses is emerging as one of the signature issues of our times. Such regulation, while related to antitrust or competition rules, is taking on a unique flavor, and a distinct legislative and rule-making path. Through this new publication, we seek to contribute to the debate and discussion over when, how, and when not to regulate digital businesses and the key technologies they use.

TechREG Chronicle - Inaugural Edition - December 2021
TechREG Chronicle – Inaugural Edition – December 2021

We are privileged to publish contributions from some of the leading participants in this rapidly emerging field. They span a range of topic—from what traditional regulation teaches us about what to do for this new breed of businesses to cutting edge, and burning, issues such as large platform businesses, crypto, FinTechs, and telemedicine, and for broad issues such as artificial intelligence, algorithms, and user privacy.

This initiative will be led by Aitor Ortiz, managing director for TechREG™. Aitor has vast experience in the legal and regulatory space, having worked for law firms and regulators in Brussels, Washington D.C. and Mexico. Prior to joining PYMNTS.com, Aitor was the leading legal analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence in London.

“TechREG™ is a platform where readers will find all the information to be up to date with the latest regulatory developments in FinTech, crypto, super tech and the connected economy,” says Aitor, “and this will generate and enrich the debate on when and how to regulate the digital economy.”

This week, PYMNTS will also kick off a series of interviews on TechREG TV where top-notch academics, regulators and executives will offer their views on how to deal with the most pressing regulatory issues on the digital economy. Our first round of guests include Hanna Halaburda and Xavier Vives, who have conducted extensive research on blockchain and regulation, as well as Tom Brown and Rob Hunter, top executives in FinTech and financial services firms.

The objective for TechREG™ is to be the platform where readers will find a balanced perspective on the topics and issues that will ultimately determine how the connected economy evolves the role of each of the players within it.

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