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The ICN in 2012: 12 Reasons to Pay Attention

 |  August 2, 2012

Paul O’Brien, Aug 02, 2012

After nearly 12 years, the International Competition Network has made its mark as a key player in reforming competition enforcement and policy. In that time, the ICN produced an impressive range of consensus work in virtually every aspect of global competition, and its recommendations proved vital to legal and policy reformers in ICN member jurisdictions.

With an eye toward another productive decade, ICN published the 2011 Vision for ICN’s Second Decade and Steering Group Chair Eduardo Perez Motta’s 2012 Roadmap for his tenure. The ICN work plans for 2012-13 put the high level goals proposed in those documents into action, and the following twelve factors are advancing those goals towards reality.

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The ICN in 2012: 12 Reasons to Pay Attention