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The UK’s withdrawal from the EU – The CMA’s role post Brexit

 |  January 28, 2020

By Competition and Markets Authority

At the end of that transition period, on 1 January 2021, the CMA is expected to take on responsibility for larger and more complex merger, cartel and competition enforcement cases that were previously reserved to the European Commission.

During the transition period, the CMA will continue working as it always has and will not take on new or additional responsibilities until the transition period ends.

The CMA has today published guidance to explain how it will conduct its work during the transition period as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU.

The CMA will continue the extensive preparations it has had in place since the referendum result in June 2016 to ensure it is ready for its enhanced role from January 2021, along with the opportunities and challenges this important time will bring.

Throughout the transition period, the CMA will continue working closely with the Government and key stakeholders to ensure it is in a strong position to conduct the larger and often more complex merger, cartel and competition investigations previously undertaken by the European Commission.

The CMA will also continue working productively with the European Commission and other competition authorities to ensure a smooth transition that protects people across the UK, by ensuring that competitive markets work in their favour.

It is for the Government to decide how any new UK subsidy control or state aid rules will operate in the future, including whether the CMA has a role to play in a new regime.

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