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TikTok to Label AI-Generated Content Amid Election Interference Concerns

 |  May 9, 2024

TikTok announced its plans to implement a labeling system for images and videos produced using AI algorithms. The move, unveiled on Thursday, will see the integration of a digital watermark dubbed “Content Credentials” to distinguish such content on its popular video-sharing platform.

The decision comes amidst growing apprehensions from researchers regarding the exploitation of AI-generated media to influence the upcoming U.S. elections. TikTok, already a signatory to an accord alongside 20 other tech firms aimed at combating such interference, seeks to fortify its defenses against deceptive content proliferation, per Reuters.

While TikTok currently identifies AI-generated content created within its application, the new labeling initiative extends to media crafted outside of the platform’s ecosystem. Adam Presser, head of operations and trust and safety at TikTok, underscored the company’s commitment to upholding community guidelines, affirming that unmarked realistic AI content will be promptly removed.

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The Content Credentials technology, central to TikTok’s labeling strategy, traces its origins to the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, a collaborative effort involving industry heavyweights such as Adobe and Microsoft. Notably, the initiative remains open for adoption by other technology firms, with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, among its early adopters.

TikTok’s move echoes similar commitments from other major social media platforms. YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet’s Google, and Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, have also signaled their intent to leverage Content Credentials in a bid to enhance content authenticity and combat misinformation.

Source: Reuters