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Transport Committee invites public comment on Competition Commission’s bus report

 |  January 25, 2012

The Transport Committee invites written evidence on the Competition Commission’s report on the local bus services market in the U.K., excluding London and Northern Ireland. The report found that the lack of sustained head-to-head competition between bus operators led to adverse effects on competition that harmed consumers.

The Transport Committee has highlighted six topics of particular interest: 

  • Has the Competition Commission addressed the issues of most importance to the bus passenger?
  • How effective are the remedies proposed by the Competition Commission likely to prove?
  • Is sustained head-to head competition feasible or desirable?
  • What role should Quality Partnerships play?
  • Has the Competition Commission adequately considered the franchising option?
  • What action should local government and central government now take?

Comments are to be sent by February 17.

Source: UK Parliament Website