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Trial Lawyer Appointed to Resolve Evidence Disputes in Google Antitrust Suit

 |  January 30, 2024

In the ongoing federal antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet’s Google by the state of Texas, US District Judge Sean Jordan has appointed David Moran, a trial lawyer from the law firm Jackson Walker, as a “special master” to assist in resolving disputes over evidence.

The move, made on Friday, aims to streamline proceedings in the Plano, Texas case, as Moran, a seasoned trial lawyer, takes on the role of a court-appointed neutral party to facilitate the resolution of evidence-related issues.

Despite opposition from Google’s legal team, who argued against the appointment of a special master, Judge Jordan supported the suggestion, asserting that it would contribute to the efficient progression of the case. Google contended that there was no immediate need for such an appointment and that it could potentially lead to the creation and litigation of discovery issues.

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David Moran’s selection holds significance as he and Judge Jordan were former partners at the Texas-based Jackson Walker law firm. Having previously collaborated on cases at the 500-attorney firm, their professional history brings a familiarity to the dynamics of the legal proceedings.

Moran’s compensation for his role as a special master will be divided between Google and the state of Texas at his standard hourly rate, the exact details of which have not been disclosed. In similar cases, partners at Jackson Walker have been known to bill between $800 and $1,075 per hour.

While it is common for former judges to serve as special masters, Jordan’s proposal of Moran underscores their previous successful partnership and adds a unique dimension to the resolution process. As the case unfolds, the appointment of David Moran is expected to play a crucial role in addressing evidence-related disputes in the Google antitrust lawsuit.

Source: Reuters