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UK Regulator Investigates Tech Giants’ AI Partnerships Amid Competition Concerns

 |  April 24, 2024

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the U.K. has initiated an inquiry into several partnerships between major tech and AI firms, raising concerns about potential breaches of merger or competition regulations. This move comes in the wake of a report published earlier this month by the CMA, highlighting the risks posed to fair competition in the AI market.

The CMA has solicited comments from interested parties regarding partnerships involving Microsoft and Mistral AI, Amazon and Anthropic, as well as Microsoft’s recent recruitment of senior personnel from Inflection AI, according to a report by Yahoo News. These partnerships, investments and personnel moves have drawn scrutiny due to their potential to consolidate power and resources within the tech and AI sectors.

Microsoft’s recent announcement of the formation of Microsoft AI, led by Mustafa Suleyman, a prominent figure in the AI field, has attracted attention. Suleyman, who previously headed Inflection AI and co-founded DeepMind (now owned by Google), has brought several former Inflection staff members to Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft’s multi-year partnership with Mistral AI and Amazon’s substantial investment in Anthropic have raised eyebrows among regulators.

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Joel Bamford, the executive director of mergers at the CMA, emphasized the importance of maintaining open, fair and effective competition in the AI market. He highlighted the significant potential impact of AI technologies across various sectors and stressed the need for regulatory scrutiny to ensure that competition is not compromised.

Responding to the CMA’s inquiry, an Amazon spokesperson defended the collaboration with Anthropic, asserting that it differs from typical partnerships between AI startups and tech giants. The spokesperson emphasized that Amazon’s investment in Anthropic is limited and does not grant Amazon a controlling role in the company’s operations. They also underscored the competitive benefits of the collaboration and expressed confidence that the CMA’s review will affirm the positive impact of the partnership.

Source: UK Finance Yahoo