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UK Regulator Takes Aim At Motorola

 |  April 6, 2023

On Wednesday, the UK antitrust regulator announced limitations on the amount that Motorola Solutions can charge for the use of its radio network, Airwave, by emergency services.

The walkie-talkie manufacturer based in the United States expressed its disagreement with the decision made by the regulator and plans to appeal it.

“We are generally reluctant to impose price controls, but the particular circumstances of this case mean that a price cap is the only effective way of ensuring the emergency services, and the taxpayers who fund them, aren’t paying considerably over the odds,” said Martin Coleman at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

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The CMA announced that the price cap will restrict Motorola’s charges to a level that would be typical in a competitive market, ending the estimated annual overcharging of 200 million pounds ($249.8 million).

“We believe this unprecedented overreach will have a chilling effect on long-term investment and contracting with the UK government,” Motorola Solutions said.