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UK Watchdog Says Shell’s Greenwashing Campaign Is Misleading

 |  June 8, 2023

The UK’s advertising regulation authority recently prohibited certain advertisements by Shell on various platforms, citing that they conveyed an inaccurate depiction of the company’s lower carbon business’s scale.

According to Reuters, the ruling places additional demands on energy companies with significant fossil fuel operations that wish to promote their eco-friendly products and decrease their carbon footprint.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) conducted an examination of advertisements that showcased information about Shell’s renewable power enterprise, electric vehicle charging, and the slogan: “The UK is READY for cleaner energy,” accompanied by the Shell logo, as stated on its website.

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Last year, Shell allocated approximately two-thirds of their $25 billion global budget towards oil and gas, with the remaining $4.3 billion being invested in renewables, biofuels, hydrogen, and electric vehicle charging.

Shell UK plans to invest up to 25 billion pounds ($31 billion) in the British energy system over the next decade. The majority of this investment, over 75%, is intended for low and zero-carbon technology.