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UK’s CMA Investigates Ardonagh’s Atlanta Group and Markerstudy Merger

 |  January 31, 2024

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has officially launched an inquiry into the merger of Ardonagh-owned broker Atlanta Group and Managing General Agent (MGA) Markerstudy. Acting under section 96(2A) of the Enterprise Act 2002, the regulator aims to assess whether the merger could result in a “substantial lessening of competition within any market or markets in the UK for goods or services.”

Initially announced on September 15, 2023, the acquisition was facilitated by an investment led by Pollen Street Capital and Bain Capital Special Situations, adding a layer of financial prominence to the transaction.

Venus Topco Limited, a subsidiary of Pollen Street, took the initiative by submitting the merger notice to the CMA, adhering to regulatory obligations surrounding significant mergers and acquisitions.

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The CMA’s involvement underscores its commitment to upholding fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices within the UK business landscape. The inquiry will scrutinize the potential impact of the merger on competition within the markets, ensuring that consumers and businesses continue to benefit from a diverse and competitive marketplace.

The Atlanta Group and Markerstudy merger is of strategic significance within the insurance and brokerage sector. The regulatory scrutiny by the CMA reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding competition and preventing monopolistic tendencies.

Industry stakeholders and market participants will be closely monitoring the CMA’s inquiry, seeking insights into the possible implications of the merger on the competitive landscape. Ardonagh, Markerstudy, and their respective investors are expected to cooperate fully with the CMA throughout the regulatory process, addressing any concerns and providing the necessary information to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation.

Source: Law 360