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United States and Britain Forge AI Safety Partnership

 |  April 1, 2024

In a bid to address apprehensions surrounding advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the United States and Britain have announced a partnership focused on AI safety.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and British Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan formalized the collaboration on Monday by signing a memorandum of understanding in Washington. The agreement aims to facilitate joint efforts in the development of advanced AI model testing, as reported by Reuters.

Acknowledging AI as the defining technology of the current era, Raimondo emphasized the partnership’s role in accelerating efforts to mitigate risks associated with national security and societal concerns. The commitment builds upon pledges made at an AI Safety Summit held at Bletchley Park in November.

Both countries are among those spearheading government-led initiatives in AI safety. Britain revealed plans for its own AI safety institute in October, focusing on the examination and testing of new AI technologies. Meanwhile, the United States announced the launch of its safety institute in November, with a primary focus on evaluating risks posed by cutting-edge AI models. The U.S. initiative has already garnered participation from over 200 companies and entities.

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Under the newly formed partnership, the United States and Britain intend to conduct joint testing exercises on publicly accessible AI models. Additionally, discussions are underway to explore personnel exchanges between the respective institutes. Both nations are also actively seeking similar collaborations with other countries to promote global AI safety standards.

In a joint interview with Reuters, Raimondo and Donelan emphasized the urgency of collective action in addressing AI risks.

“As the next wave of AI models approaches, it is imperative that we act swiftly,” remarked Donelan. “Our focus is on identifying and mitigating risks through specialized efforts.”

Source: Reuters