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US Justice Department Escalates Ticketmaster Antitrust Probe

 |  February 6, 2024

The US Justice Department has intensified its scrutiny of Live Nation Entertainment Inc.’s ticketing subsidiary, Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., by issuing a fresh wave of information requests as part of its ongoing antitrust investigation. This move comes amidst growing apprehensions that the company may not be fully cooperating with the probe, according to Bloomberg.

Initially aiming to conclude its investigation and possibly lodge a complaint against Ticketmaster by the close of last year, the Justice Department has decided to prolong its scrutiny and potentially pursue legal action later this year, as disclosed by two individuals requesting anonymity to discuss confidential details. Bloomberg reports suggest that antitrust officials probing the company have encountered frustration due to Ticketmaster’s sluggish response to the Department’s inquiries.

Earlier intentions from the DOJ involved filing an antitrust lawsuit against both Live Nation Entertainment and Ticketmaster by the culmination of 2023, as reported last July. However, the latest developments indicate a divergence from this timeline, with the Department extending its investigative efforts and considering a delayed filing.

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This recent escalation underscores the persistent regulatory pressure facing Ticketmaster, a dominant force in the live entertainment ticketing industry. The company’s practices have long drawn scrutiny from both regulators and competitors, amid concerns over potential anti-competitive behavior and market dominance.

Ticketmaster’s response to the latest information requests and its overall cooperation with the Justice Department’s investigation will likely play a pivotal role in determining the trajectory of the probe.

Source: Bloomberg