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US: Lina Khan joins House Judiciary Committee

 |  March 5, 2019

Lina Khan, a prominent antitrust scholar, has joined Cicilline’s staff as counsel on the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee, reported Law360.

Lina Khan confirmed her appointment via twitter.

Lina Khan  wrote a viral Yale Law Journal article about Amazon last year. She comes from a school of antitrust thinkers who have called for breaking up Facebook.

Khan, an academic fellow at Columbia University, has drawn national attention for her work on antitrust law, including multiple New York Timesop-eds.

Khan, an alum of the Open Markets Institute, comes from a community of antitrust academics and activists who push hard for toughening up antitrust enforcement to constrain the power of ballooning tech and telecom companies. In a 2017 Times op-ed, for instance, she argued against Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.

“Antitrust laws, which were passed by Congress to prevent these kinds of concentrations of private power, have been largely reduced to a technical tool to keep prices low,” she wrote in the piece.