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White House Looks To Study AI Risks For Workers

 |  May 23, 2023

The White House is scheduled to host a listening session that will include gig work experts, researchers, policymakers, and workers who will provide insights on the use of automated technologies for employer surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation.

The use of AI apps and tools has increased significantly, with claims that they can improve medical diagnoses, screenwriting, legal briefs, and software debugging. However, there is growing concern regarding the potential risks associated with these technologies, such as privacy violations, biased employment decisions, and the facilitation of scams and misinformation, reported Reuters. 

The administration will evaluate the technology and announce new measures, such as an updated roadmap for federal investments in AI research, a request for public input on AI risks, and a report from the Department of Education on the impact of AI on teaching, learning, and research.

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The recent listening session and implementation of new measures were a result of a meeting hosted by President Joe Biden. The meeting included chief executives from leading artificial intelligence companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google.

The meeting covered the topic of companies’ transparency regarding AI systems and emphasized the significance of evaluating the safety of these products.

According to the White House, President Biden has utilized and tested the technology.