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White House Reiterates Stance on TikTok During Elections

 |  February 13, 2024

In a statement on Monday, White House spokesperson John Kirby reaffirmed that there have been no alterations to the national security perspective regarding the use of TikTok, following the launch of US President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign account on the platform.

According to Reuters, the move comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of the popular short-form video app, owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, by U.S. officials over potential national security risks.

The Biden campaign’s decision to establish a presence on TikTok has drawn attention, particularly in the context of the ongoing review of the app. Concerns have been raised by some lawmakers about potential security vulnerabilities, with calls for a ban on TikTok over fears that user data could be accessed by Beijing or that the platform could be exploited to influence content.

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Despite these concerns, Kirby’s statement underscores that the White House maintains its position regarding TikTok’s use and its implications for national security. The administration’s stance appears to signal a continuation of the approach taken under the previous administration, which also raised similar concerns about the app’s ownership and potential risks.

The Biden reelection campaign’s entry into the TikTok sphere highlights the platform’s significance as a tool for engaging with younger voters, who make up a substantial portion of its user base. By leveraging TikTok, political campaigns can reach a demographic that is often difficult to engage through traditional media channels.

However, the campaign’s decision also occurs against a backdrop of heightened scrutiny of tech platforms and their role in shaping public discourse and opinion. The concerns surrounding TikTok add another layer to this ongoing debate, particularly as it intersects with broader geopolitical tensions between the United States and China.

Source: Reuters