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Meta Challenges Norwegian Fine Over User Privacy Breach

 |  August 22, 2023

Meta Platforms, has lodged a request with a Norwegian court to halt a penalty imposed by the nation’s data authority, which targets the parent company of Facebook and Instagram for violating user privacy. This legal challenge holds potential ramifications across Europe.

Commencing from August 14th, Meta Platforms has been subjected to a daily fine of 1 million Norwegian crowns ($94,313) for its practices of harvesting user data and leveraging it for targeted advertising, known as behavioral advertising—a prevalent approach among major technology firms. Seeking redress, the company is pursuing a temporary restraining order against the ruling, which mandates daily penalties until November 3rd.

Representing Meta Platforms, Christian Reusch, the company’s legal representative, asserted during Tuesday’s court session, “Meta has already undertaken the commitment to seek user consent.”

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The Norwegian data authority, Datatilsynet, informed Meta on July 14th of its intent to levy fines unless corrective measures were taken. Subsequently, on August 7th, the regulator proceeded to implement the penalty.

In an announcement made on August 1st, Meta declared its agreement to obtain user consent across Europe before implementing behavioral advertising. This decision was rooted in a January ruling from the company’s primary regulator in Ireland, where Meta’s headquarters are situated.

Reusch also conveyed to the court that Datatilsynet employed an expedited process that was deemed unnecessary and deprived the company of adequate response time.

Source: Reuters