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UN Security Council Holds First Formal Discussion On Artificial Intelligence

 |  July 17, 2023

This week in New York, the United Nations Security Council will hold its first formal discussion on artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion is a result of increased conversations across governments worldwide about how to mitigate any risks and dangers associated with rapidly advancing technology. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who chairs the Security Council this month, will lead the conversation.

“We need an international dialogue about the impact of AI on global peace and security,” said Mr. Cleverly. As AI technology continues to reshape the global economy and international security landscape, governments are facing the challenge of safeguarding citizens and states.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is supporting the need for regulation and has called for the creation of an international AI watchdog body. “I believe an international AI watchdog body will go a long way toward ensuring responsible use of artificial intelligence and its application,” said Guterres.

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Discussions of AI regulation have been growing, with many experts predicting that an international AI treaty may be in the cards. But organizations like the European Commission are taking steps in the meantime. In 2020, they officially launched their AI Regulation Initiative, which set out to establish rules about the development and use of AI on the European market.

The UN’s discussion this week could provide an impetus for a global response to AI technology, reported US News. With stakeholders paying increasing attention, it promises to be a significant moment for the international community. The challenge now is to ensure that AI advances peace and security, rather than posing a risk to either.

Source: US News