Report Says Shoppers Not Wild About Mobile Payments

It looks like Apple might have a tougher time jumping into mobile payments than the euphoric press coverage would indicated, since the consumer population seems persistently dedicated to their total lack of enthusiasm for using their phone as a payment method.

According to a new survey by Princeton Research Associates (for, only 4 percent of Americans say they would always use their mobile phone to make a purchase and less than 10 percent said they would be interested in so doing “most of the time.”

Meanwhile, 44 percent of consumers said they would never user their phone to make a purchase, while 18 percent noted they were highly unlikely to do so.

There were pockets of greater mobile enthusiasm, Millennials and urbanites were more likely to express positive sentiment toward the product.

And, Apple is Apple and as likely to command people to a new payment method as anyone out there.

It all depends on what experience Apple builds, according senior analyst Matt Shultz and ““if Apple can make it as easy as pulling out a debit or a credit card and consumers believe it is safe and secure,” reports the L.A. Times.