Can Plummeting Turkey Prices Fatten up Sales for Thanksgiving Brands?

Can Plummeting Turkey Prices Fatten Up Sales for Thanksgiving Brands?

If you’re gearing up for a festive feast, you’ll be thankful to hear that wholesale prices of whole frozen turkeys are taking a dip, bringing some much-needed relief for consumers after a tough time of soaring prices.

But while prices have gone down on turkeys, inflation continues to pinch consumers’ pockets. So, what out-of-the-box tactics will brands cook up to spice up spending and capitalize on the savings offered by frozen turkeys? And will it work?

More importantly, will you season your feasts with Blue Moon’s flavors, or will you stick to basics? More on that in a second.

Why Turkeys Are Costing Less

In August, prices for frozen whole hens, a quintessential centerpiece of holiday dinners, averaged $1.27 per pound. However, the real delight for consumers came in September, when prices dropped even further to $1.25 per pound, representing a decrease of 43 cents from the previous year and marking the lowest monthly average price since July 2021.

The reason behind this price reprieve can be traced back to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in 2022, which wreaked havoc on the commercial turkey flock. The resultant losses led to a shortage and subsequent surge in turkey prices. Now, with the industry recovering, consumers are enjoying a respite from the high costs they faced during the previous holiday season.

As turkey prices drop to provide relief for consumers, the persistent issue of inflation still tightens financial belts. Nevertheless, as shoppers navigate this economic landscape, brands are gearing up to implement out-of-the-box tactics to attract attention and spending.

Therefore, the central question becomes: Will these innovative tactics succeed in spicing up consumer spending? The answer may hinge on the delicate balance between providing value and offering a memorable, even whimsical, shopping experience.

Baskin-Robbins Gives Thanksgiving Sides Main Dish Energy

First up to compete for consumer Thanksgiving spending is Baskin-Robbins.

Starting this month, the ice cream maker is bringing together everything customers love about their favorite sides in its new flavor of the month called Turkey Day Fixin’s. It features a combination of sweet potato and autumn spice ice cream mixed with honey cornbread pieces and swirls of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Customers can also expect Baskin-Robbins’ Turkey Cake to make its return.

“We continue to push the boundaries of flavor innovation at Baskin-Robbins and wanted to bring a unique scoop to the table that deliciously encapsulates all the sweet and savory flavors from your favorite Thanksgiving sides,” Hannah Suits, director of brand marketing for Baskin-Robbins said in a statement. “Along with the return of our iconic Turkey Cake, these offerings are a delicious and innovative take on holiday favorites.”

DiGiorno Looks to Make Pizza a Thanksgiving Staple

Meanwhile, DiGiorno is introducing a limited-time Thanksgiving pizza made intentionally for Friendsgiving or Turkey Day celebrations.

As described by the brand, the pizza consists of turkey, gravy sauce, diced sweet potatoes, crispy onions, green beans, and cranberries atop a thick Detroit-style crust, layered with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

Those interested in picking up the Thanksgiving-infused pizza should be aware that it is not in the grocery store freezer aisle alongside regular frozen pizzas. It can only be bought online every Wednesday through Nov. 22, subject to availability, Food Dive reported. The price is $11.23, aligning with the numerical date of the holiday this year.

Campbell’s Chocolate Truffles

Another interesting product launch comes from Campbell’s.

In preparation for the Thanksgiving season, the soup company has teamed up with chocolatier Phillip Ashley Chocolates for a collection of truffle chocolates inspired by Thanksgiving sides.

The Holiday Sides Collection comprises six different flavors: Green Bean Casserole; Jalapeno Cheddar Mac and Cheese; Baked Corn Casserole; Hot Honey Mashed Sweet Potatoes; Everything Bagel Mashed Potatoes; and Apple, Fennel and Herb Stuffing. All flavors are infused with Campbell’s soups corresponding to the Thanksgiving recipes they might typically be used in.

The Holiday Sides Truffle Collection is currently available for purchase for $35. The shipment of the boxes is anticipated to commence Nov. 20, Dallas Observer reported.

Blue Moon Cooking Seasoning

Then there’s Blue Moon, which isn’t launching another beer flavor. Instead, it’s offering the beer-inspired seasoning you didn’t know you needed.

The beer company launched a range of kitchen spices for those preparing a festive meal, Trend Hunter reported. The seasonings are available in two varieties, each drawing inspiration from the brand’s Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, including Zesty Seasoning and Pie Pint Seasoning. The Zesty Seasoning is said to include hints of coriander, citrus, salt and hops, while the Pie Pint Seasoning has notes of orange and coriander.

So, will you gobble up any of these Thanksgiving launches?