AI Innovation

Inside the Playbook
  • 63.6 percent: Share of FIs believe that believe AI is an effective tool for stopping fraud before it happens.
  • 80 percent: Portion of AI-using fraud specialists that believe the technology could reduce payments fraud.
  • 63.9 percent: Share of fraud specialists that believe smart agents could reduce payments fraud.
AI Innovation directory


  • 34 percent of companies say their use of ePayables will increase in the next three years.
  • More than 35 percent of companies earning more than $1 billion per year have already adopted accounts payable automation.
  • 61 percent of businesses say that Real-Time Payments would improve their payroll operations.

Buy Button

Inside the July report:
  • 80 percent: Portion of electronics eCommerce sites supporting at least one buy button
  • $252.46: Average ticket price of purchases made on eCommerce sites offering the Amazon Pay buy button 
  • $3.1 Billion: Average annual revenue of eCommerce sites that supported no buy buttons in Q2 2018 but added at least one by Q2 2019
Buy Button directory

Checkout Conversion Index

Inside the Q1 2019 edition
  • 50.9: Average CCI score on a scale of zero to 100
  • 81: Average CCI score of the top 30 merchants
  • 2:29: Average time to complete an online checkout
Checkout Conversion Index directory

Commerce Connected

Inside the Playbook

•    80M: Approximate number of people who bought mobile game tickets in 2018

•    10: Number of states that have passed regulations surrounding online sports betting since 2018

•    90%: Share of sports bets that will be placed through online or mobile devices in the next decade

Commerce Connected directory

Connected Consumer

  • Millennials make an average of 19.3 purchases every year
  • 25 percent of the Bridge Millennials that buy online prefer Amazon
  • 50 percent of consumers preferred omnichannel shopping experiences
Connected Consumer directory

Consumer-Centric Authentication Study

Inside the September Study:
  • 54.1 percent: Share of consumers who believe chances for fraud would decrease if they had more control over their mobile banking authentication requirements
  • 28.3 percent: Portion of consumers who would transact more via mobile banking apps if they were allows to authenticate specific transactions
  • 86.5 percent: Share of consumers who would like to add transaction-specific authentication methods to their digital banking experiences
Consumer-Centric Authentication Study directory

Credit Union Innovation

Inside the Playbook
  • 80 percent: Portion of loyalty-focused CUs that also invest in anti-fraud protection
  • 33.3 percent: Share of loyalty-focused CUs that innovate to meet current members’ needs
  • 42.4 percent: Portion of CU members who want their CUs to focus on account fraud/theft protection
Credit Union Innovation directory

Cross-Border Gig Disbursements

Inside the Playbook
  • 1.5 million: Expected shortfall of college workers available to fill jobs in the U.S. market by 2020
  • 38.4 percent: Share of U.S. gig workers pursuing ad hoc jobs for their flexibility
  • 84 percent: Portion of talent managers in Asia seeking gig workers to meet market conditions
Cross-Border Gig Disbursements directory


  • More than 50 percent of consumers now shop contextually
  • Approximately 1 billion devices now support Google Assistant
  • Tyler Cooper, CEO of TheTake.AI, talks about what’s slowing contextual commerce’s growth and how AI can speed it up

Digital Drive

Notable data points included in the Digital Drive Report:
  • Most commuters (53.3 percent) are turning to voice assistants to connect while driving
  • 47.2 percent of commuters used connected devices while driving said they were most interested in finding a gas station
  • On average, commuters ordered coffee for pickup at a drive-thru window 65 times per year
  • 36.6 percent of commuters who use voice assistants connect to the internet using their mobile devices
Digital Drive directory


Notable findings in the Capsule
  • 34%: Portion of financial services consumers who pointed to an inconvenient authentication method as the reason for their dissatisfaction
  • 71.2%: Share of both financial services and eCommerce customers who expressed satisfaction with being required to provide passwords and codes for authentication
  • 100%: All surveyed healthcare consumers expressed satisfaction with providing identification documents at physical locations
  • 91.1%: Share of eCommerce consumers who were required to provide email addresses when creating online accounts

Disbursement Satisfaction

Inside the March Study
  • 46.7 percent of customers want to receive their funds by direct deposit into their bank accounts
  • 72.9 percent of customers think that it’s “extremely” or “very” important for them to have a choice in how they receive disbursements
  • 15.3 million customers received disbursements via gift cards, and none of them chose that method
Disbursement Satisfaction directory


Inside the OCTOBER Study
  • Grocery or food at home products make up 20 percent of all consumer retail spending
  • Cost, convenience and choice of product are the three most important factors for consumers when choosing a grocery retailer
  • The average customer spends more than $4,000 a year on food and makes over 40 visits to grocery stores each year

Financial Invisibles Report

  • 67.6 percent: Share of consumers who were able to pay all their bills on time in Q3 2018
  • $60.4K: Average annual income of consumers who got a loan from their family or friends to pay off debt in Q3 2018
  • 20.8 percent: Share of consumers who were either “very” or “extremely” interested in financial education in Q3 2018
Financial Invisibles Report directory

Gig Economy

Notable findings in the Q4 edition include the following:
  • 38.4 percent: Share of non-seasonal gig workers
  • 38.2 percent: Share  of gig workers were paid via direct deposit
  • 19.4 percent: Share of gig workers were not employed outside the gig economy
Gig Economy directory


  • Cash share accounted for 60 percent of South Africa’s GDP, as well as 37.5 percent of Saudi Arabia’s GDP.
  • Overall, the Middle East’s GDP is expected to grow 12 percent between 2016 and 2021.
  • Middle Eastern consumers made $0.9 trillion in cash payments in 2016. This is expected to rise to $1.4 trillion by 2021.
  • In South Africa, 75 percent of adults now possess bank accounts, compared to just 60 percent of adults in Turkey.
GLOBAL CASH directory


  • 45 percent: Increase in account takeovers in Q2 2017
  • $3.3 billion: Amount lost by merchants to account takeovers in Q2 2017
  • $57.8 billion: Value of potential fraud in the eight industries studied by the Index
  • 5.5 percent: Increase in total fraud from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017
  • 11.64 percent: Fraud rate of transactions over $500, 22 times higher than the fraud rate for transactions worth less than $100
GLOBAL FRAUD directory

Global Payments Innovation

Global Payments Innovation Study
  • $10 billion: Value saved in digitized deposits via the Aadhaar payment app in the last three years
  • $600 million: Amount Alibaba invested in AI company SenseTime
  • 34: Number of countries participating in the SCT Inst scheme
Global Payments Innovation directory


  • 90.7 percent of patients said they can pay off their payment plan in full, either early or by following the plan schedule
  • 89.8 percent of respondents said they would be willing to consider using a payment plan in the future, doubling the current rate of usage
  • Patients who did not pay their debt and had no plans to do so faced the highest out-of-pocket average of $758
  • 70 percent of patients factor in the prospect of fees when considering using a payment plan

How Consumers Pay For Elective Medical Procedures

Key Findings Inside The Report Include
  • 9 percent: Share of consumers who considered elective care but opted out because they could not afford it
  • $18.4 billion: Potential revenue for healthcare providers to gain by offering payment plans for cosmetic surgery
  • 9 percent: Share of consumers who paid for at least one elective procedure in the past six months whose cost significantly applied to their deductible
How Consumers Pay For Elective Medical Procedures directory


These are the key findings from our latest research:
  • Shopping is no longer something people “go do” – it is integrated into most consumer’s everyday activities.
  • The home has become the consumer’s connected commerce command center.
  • Consumers are on a device and app purge — buying and using those that save them time, money and friction.
  • Voice is connected commerce’s killer app. Voice plus visual is a connected commerce game-changer.
  • The 30-40 year old Bridge millennials have integrated connected purchasing experiences into their everyday lives more than any other consumer group.
HOW WE WILL PAY directory

Innovation Readiness

Inside the September report:
  • 19.7 percent: share of FIs that lack effective core processing and IT systems
  • 12.5 percent: portion of bottom-performing FIs with both effective IT and core systems
  • 36.8 percent: share of FIs lacking effective core processing and IT systems that view inflexible technology as an impediment
Innovation Readiness directory

Kiosk and Retail

  • More than $1 billion worth of kiosks were ordered in 2015
  • 1,000 new food and beverage kiosks were installed in 2016
  • Food and Beverage kiosks produced $218 million in 2016
Kiosk and Retail directory

Luxury Travel

Key findings in the study include:
  • 13.6 percent of luxury vacation consumers are adventure travelers who enjoy activities like heli-skiing, mountaineering, taking charter flights, riding in helicopters or exploring exotic places like Machu Picchu.
  • 50.7 percent of survey respondents pointed to luxury vacations’ costs as a key factor derailing their abilities to pursue such trips.
  • 59.7 percent of adventure vacation travelers and 56.7 percent of luxury vacation travelers said they would take more trips if they had access to innovative payment solutions that enabled multiple participants to contribute funds, make recurring payments or track payments, among other features.
  • 45 percent of adventure travelers believe innovative payment solutions would make it easier to pay for vacations.
Luxury Travel directory

Making Instant Pay Global

Inside the Playbook
  • Public utility firm PG&E on the challenges of accepting cash payments while innovating digital payments infrastructures
  • eCommerce platform SeatGeek on how Brexit is affecting its payments strategy and global expansion plans
  • Scooter rental platform Lime on the importance of localizing payments as it expands to new markets
Making Instant Pay Global directory

Mobile Card Services

Inside the Playbook
  • 50.5 percent: Share of consumers who are unaware of MCS
  • 67.8 percent: Portion of consumers who are interested in MCS and who would like to receive text alerts when their cards are used
  • 79.6 percent: Portion of MCS-interested respondents who are “very” or “extremely” interested in receiving alerts when cards shared with children are used
Mobile Card Services directory

Omni Security and Authentication

Inside this NOVEMBER Study
  • Shamoun Siddiqui, vice president and chief information security officer at Neiman Marcus, on the challenges and benefits of using AI and ML to curb cybercrime
  • A Deep Dive exploring how retailers are using 3D Secure 2.0 and other tools to safeguard consumers from retail fraud
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including news on recent security breaches and the latest security debuts
Omni Security and Authentication directory


  • 61 percent of large-format store shoppers and 54 percent of those at small-format stores said they shopped at brick-and-mortar locations about as often as they had in past years.
  • Brick & Mortar Consumers were the most satisfied, giving merchants an average omnichannel satisfaction score of 37.2 out of 100,. By comparison, Any-Channel Consumers gave a score of 36.2 out of 100 and Digital Consumers awarded merchants just 35.8 out of 100.
  • Purchase history capabilities were some of the most popular among shoppers who had tried various features, as 16.7 percent of those buying medications, 15 percent of those purchasing beauty services and 8.2 percent of those buying beauty products said the features were “Very Good” or “Excellent.”
OMNI USAGE directory

Pay Advances

Key Findings in the Study Include:
  • 66.8 percent: Share of paycheck-to-paycheck gig workers who would consider switching to platforms that offer pay advances
  • 53.4 percent: Portion of paycheck-to-paycheck workers who would use pay advances to cover bills and expenses
  • 48.5 percent: Segment of paycheck-to-paycheck workers who believe pay advances would provide greater financial flexibility
Pay Advances directory

Payables Friction

Inside the September study:
  • 73.7 percent: Portion of firms that process more than 20,000 invoices per year plan to implement invoice receipt innovation
  • 11.6 days: Average time firms processing more than 20,000 invoices per month need to process a single invoice 
  • 34.7 percent: Share of firms that require their CEOs’ approval to pay invoices
Payables Friction directory


Inside the NOVEMBER Study
  • 68 percent of adults who pay for gas with mobile apps buy it as often as once per week
  • 73 percent of users who pay for gas with mobile apps said they are more likely to visit the store again if the app experience is convenient
  • More than half (57 percent) of consumers who pay for gas using mobile apps say they would do so more often if the apps could also pay for c-store products
  • 85 percent of Bridge Millennials say that receiving discounts is the most important feature of a gas app

Payments 2022

  • 62 percent: Share of platforms that consider cyber fraud while assessing the overall costs of fraud
  • 53 percent: Portion of platforms that plan to seek vendor assistance to enhance fraud detection and monitoring
  • 41 percent: Share of platforms that plan to increase the size of their fraud protection teams to support future growth
Payments 2022 directory

Payments And The Platform Economy

Inside the October Playbook

An interview with Tim Wootton, CEO of Rover Parking, on the rise of shared parking apps and how such platforms can stand out in an oversaturated market

Notable headlines from around the space, including eBay’s debut of an end-to-end payments experience in Germany

A case study on how shared parking apps SPOT and ParkStash are working to take the industry crown by turning to the blueprints of sharing economy leaders Airbnb and Uber

Payments And The Platform Economy directory

Remote Payments

Inside the May 2019 study:
  • 52.9 percent: Share of Bridge Millennials who made their last remote purchase via smartphone
  • 66.7 percent: Share of consumers earning more than $100,000 per year who spent $25 to $499 on their last remote purchase
  • 53.4: Share of consumers who paid using a debit card stored on their mobile wallet
Remote Payments directory


Inside this December Study
  • 65% of QSR managers believe using apps to place orders delivers a positive customer experience
  • 92% of customers consider using an app to place a QSR order offers a positive experience
  • 3% of QSR managers say self-service kiosks are the most common way consumers place orders

Retail Innovation Readiness

Inside the May Study
  • 44.8 percent of consumer services firms consider innovation crucial to their survival
  • 26 percent of consumer services merchants are “very” or “extremely” interested in smart POS systems
  • 84.7 percent of small consumer services believe intuitive functionality is a key quality for smart POS systems
Retail Innovation Readiness directory

Simplifying Cross-Border Payments

Inside the September Playbook:
  • 15,000 euros: The maximum amount that can be transferred via the European Union’s Instant Credit Transfer service
  • 57: Number of real-time payments schemes operating worldwide in 2019
  • 3,500: The number of financial institutions that have committed to using SWIFT gpi worldwide
Simplifying Cross-Border Payments directory

Subscription Commerce Conversion Index

Key Findings in the Study Include:
  • 63.2: The average Index score of middle-performing subscription merchants in Q2 2019
  • 7.3 percent: The share of streaming service subscribers who plan to end their accounts within a year
  • 91.4: The highest individual merchant Index score measured in Q2 2019
Subscription Commerce Conversion Index directory

SMB Receivables Gap

Inside the Playbook
  • 55.3%: Share of high-margin firms that believe extending credit helps build customer loyalty
  • 40.3 days: Average length of payment term established, high-margin firms extend to suppliers
  • 53.4%: Portion of low-margin firms that consider the time and complexity of administering trade credit a challenge
SMB Receivables Gap directory


  • Four out of 10 travel operators struggle to manage multiple payment service providers.
  • 82 percent of travel companies innovate to combat the loss of customers.
  • 36 percent of travel companies expect innovations to decrease costs.
  • The global travel industry pays $75B on its payments structure every year.

Tuition Payments

Key Findings in the Study Include

50.5%: Share of supporters who rely on employment income to pay for tuition

31.7%: Portion of students who work part-time and say it is “somewhat” or “very” hard to pay for tuition

54.2%: Share of students who are currently late on payments and find it “somewhat” or “very” easy to pay for tuition

45.9%: Portion of students who are “very” or “extremely” interested in tuition payment solutions, compared to 34.3 percent of supporters

Tuition Payments directory


Inside this January Study
  • VR is expected to generate $1.8 billion for retail and marketing in the year 2022
  • The number of VR users more than doubled in 2018, growing from 85 million to 171 million
  • Revenues from VR initiatives are expected to increase by 3,000 percent over the next four years

Where Will We Bank Next?

Notable findings from our study include:
  • 57.5%: Share of consumers who would be interested in banking with non-FIs
  • 37.8%: Share of Bridge Millennials who would consider banking with PayPal
  • 90.6%: Share of consumers who say their primary FIs fit their needs
Where Will We Bank Next? directory

Which Apps Do They Want?

Key Findings in the Study Include:
  • 53 percent: Share of consumers who use mobile apps while shopping in store
  • 12 percent: Portion of consumers who pay in store via mobile app
  • 51.8 percent: Share of consumers who are interested in downloading the Amazon app
Which Apps Do They Want? directory

Who Are You? Verifying Digital Identity In The Sharing Economy

Key findings in this study include:
  • 24.3 percent: Share of consumers are asked to submit their identification online when signing up for new ridesharing platforms
  • 19.5: Portion of sharing economy platform users are asked to verify their digital identities by providing identification at physical locations
  • 21.7 percent: Share of homesharing platform users are asked to verify their identities by providing identification at physical locations
Who Are You? Verifying Digital Identity In The Sharing Economy directory


  • The United States kept its top spot in the Index, coming in as the most cross-border friendly country PYMNTS studied with an Index score of 65.9 out of 100. China rose from fourth to second place with a core of 63.9 out of 100, followed by the U.K. in third 63.2 out of 100.
  • The Travel industry received the highest Index score with a 64.8 out of 100, followed by the Apparel and Accessories industry (63.0 out of 100) and the Housewares and Home Furnishing industry (59.4 out of 100).
  • Visa is the most commonly accepted payment type, accepted by 94.5% of merchants, followed by Mastercard, accepted by 94 percent – and PayPal, accepted by 79.8 percent.
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