Our data and analytics team has developed a number of creative methodologies and frameworks that measure and benchmark the innovation that’s reshaping the payments and commerce ecosystem.


Inside the September Tracker
AML KYC Tracker
  • A Deep Dive into the financial sector’s anti-fraud and regulatory compliance efforts, including how AI-based tools can help
  • The latest AML/KYC headlines, including the exposure of 2.6 million Jana Bank customers’ KYC details and crypto exchange Binance’s response to alleged KYC data theft
  • An interview with Nicolas Dinh, chief operating officer of financial mobile app STACK, on how financial startups can create robust fraud fighting strategies to win customers’ trust
AML KYC directory

Automated Retail

Inside the August Tracker
Automated Retail Tracker
  • Bhushan Mehendale, vice president of engineering at Esper, on designing software that allows retailers to remotely change automated kiosks’ functions and use them for various sales applications
  • Notable news from around the space, including Kroger and Ocado’s new automated order fulfillment centers and McDonald’s experiment with robotic fryers
  • A Deep Dive examining how automated buy online, pickup in store solutions help stores compete against eCommerce giants
Automated Retail directory


Inside the April Tracker
B2B API Tracker
  • An interview with Ismail Chaib, chief operating officer at TESOBE and its Open Bank Project, on how FIs can improve security and insights with APIs
  • Notable headlines from the B2B API space, including Deutsche Bank and Serrala’s new SCT Inst API, plus American Express and SAP Ariba’s recent B2B payments partnership
  • A Deep Dive exploring how FIs use APIs to support open banking and cross-border payments strategies
B2B API directory

Call Center Commerce

Inside the September Tracker
Call Center Commerce
  • Recent call center commerce headlines, including Vonage’s acquisition of conversational AI suite
  • Lindsay Sacknoff, head of U.S. contact centers for TD Bank, on how using AI and multifactor authentication can improve verification measures across multiple contact center channels
  • A provider directory featuring the space’s top players, including three additions
Call Center Commerce directory

Credit Union

Inside the August Tracker
Credit Union Tracker
  • Angela Moran, chief information officer at California Coast Credit Union, on how the CU is taking a member-centric approach to its digital transformation
  • The latest credit union developments, including a merger between two of the largest Southern California CUs
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how open banking could help CUs with security and instant payments
Credit Union directory

Digital Banking

Inside the September Tracker
Digital Banking Tracker
  • An interview with Dominic Venturo, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at U.S. Bank, on how FIs can use AI and ML for layered protection against ATOs and synthetic identity fraud
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including India-based YES Bank’s recent collaboration with Microsoft on an AI-powered chatbot
  • A Deep Dive on how banks are working to reduce fraud in mobile channels, and how advanced learning tools could eventually replace PINs and passwords
Digital Banking directory


Inside the April Tracker
  • An interview with Jennifer Aguiar, vice president of compliance and risk at DraftKings, on the company’s data-driven strategy for keeping customers safe
  • The latest news from around the space, including headlines on Citi’s digital onboarding portal expansion and new details on Mastercard’s universal digital ID initiative
  • A Deep Dive on how online gaming and gambling platforms are leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence to verify customers’ identities while avoiding onboarding frictions

Digital Fraud

Inside the August Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Rob Leathern, Facebook’s director of product management, on how the company prevents ad fraud via automated detection systems and thorough advertiser vetting
  • The latest digital fraud developments, including an attempted North Korean cyberattack on an African bank
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the ever-changing face of ad fraud and how developers are fighting back
Digital Fraud directory

Digital Identity

Inside the September Tracker
Digital Identity Tracker
  • An interview with Jonathon Thorpe, head of digital identity for Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency, on how the government plans to implement its myGovID digital identity program
  • The latest digital identity developments, including new government programs in the U.K. and Malaysia
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how digital identity solutions can benefit the digital banking and gig economy spaces
Digital Identity directory


Inside the September Tracker
Disbursements Tracker

Tim Attia, CEO and co-founder of gig economy insurance provider Slice Labs, on how the company is using AI to automate the claims process and speed up insurance payouts

Notable headlines from around the space, including the latest efforts to improve the speed of disbursements for gig workers

A Deep Dive on how AI and ML are revitalizing the insurance claims payout process

Disbursements directory

Faster Payments

Inside the August Tracker
Faster Payments Tracker
  • The latest faster payments developments, including Facebook’s Libra announcement and the Federal Reserve’s decision to launch its own real-time payments system
  • An interview with Instant Financial founder and executive chair Steve Barha on the company’s solution to give food service workers immediate access to their wages and tips
  • A Deep Dive examining ISO 20022’s potential benefits, as well as the challenges and supports that come with adoption
  • A provider directory featuring 54 players in the space, including three additions
Faster Payments directory

Global Recurring Payments

Inside the September Tracker
Global Recurring Payments Tracker
  • The latest global recurring payments developments, including how subscription services providers are tackling related challenges inherent in overseas expansions
  • An interview with Mike Schramm, director of global eCommerce at BlueJeans, on how the company is revamping its SaaS payment process to support locally preferred methods and currencies
  • A Deep Dive examining the most pressing frictions affecting international payments and the ongoing efforts to combat them
Global Recurring Payments directory

Intelligence of Things

Inside the August Tracker
Intelligence of Things Tracker 
  • An interview with iRobot vice president and chief information officer Mike Tirozzi and director of product and data security Mike Gillen on securing smart home devices against current and future threats
  • The latest IoT developments, including Microsoft’s new security tools and the upcoming U.S. procurement and cybersecurity bill
  • A directory on the top IoT providers, including 10 additions
Intelligence of Things directory

Mobile Order-Ahead

Inside the August Tracker
Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker
  • An interview with Curt Garner, Chipotle’s chief technology officer, on the QSR’s new rewards program and how it safeguards customers from fraudsters
  • The latest mobile order-ahead developments, including member milestones for Starbucks and Dunkin’
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how fraudsters and hackers target reward programs, and how QSRs and app developers can bolster their defenses
Mobile Order-Ahead directory


Inside the July 2019 Tracker
mPOS Tracker
  • An interview with small business owners Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts and Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies on the mPOS features that vendors need to optimize summer event sales
  • The latest headlines and trends from around the mPOS space, including Reliance’s foray into kirana store mPOS, plus Vimo Technology and mPOS Technology’s merger
  • A Deep Dive examining how restaurants are using mPOS to provide better service
mPOS directory

Next-Gen Sales Tax

Inside the August Tracker
Next-Gen Sales Tax Tracker
  • Ted Hettich, chief sales officer at online shopping marketplace Fruugo, on how sellers’ ability to navigate sales tax requirements affects their business decisions and how platforms can ease these pains
  • The latest next-gen sales tax developments, including France’s new digital services levy and a federal bill aimed at simplifying U.S. economic nexus policies
  • A Deep Dive providing an in-depth examination of South Dakota vs. Wayfair and its lasting effects


Next-Gen Sales Tax directory

Order To Eat

Inside the September Tracker
Order To Eat
  • An interview with Christopher Thomas-Moore, vice president of digital commerce and eMarketing for Domino’s, about how the pizza giant embraces a broad technology portfolio and loyalty program to boost customer engagement and tap data-related insights
  • The latest headlines from around the space, including how Dunkin’, Five Guys, Panera Bread, Starbucks and more are embracing tech and loyalty programs to better connect with consumers
  • A data-rich Deep Dive on what QSRs need to understand about what consumers expect from voice-activated technology
Order To Eat directory


Inside the September Tracker
PSD2 Tracker
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including EU regulators’ plans to provide more time to the merchants that are largely unprepared for SCA
  • An interview with Paul Rodgers, chairman of payments trade body Vendorcom, on how merchants and partnering payment services will need to ensure their SCA verification methods measure up to customer preferences
  • A Deep Dive into how EU merchants and retailers could leverage biometric authentication to better comply with SCA
PSD2 directory

Securing B2B Payments

Inside the September Report
Securing B2B Payments Report
  • DPR Construction’s Karin Rush and Linnet Phoenix explain how the firm’s use of virtual and purchasing cards enable it to make secure and efficient payments across a network of thousands of subcontractors and suppliers
  • A Deep Dive outlining how artificial intelligence will play a significant role in addressing global fraud
  • The latest headlines from around the space, including a rise in business email compromise fraud scams
Securing B2B Payments directory

Smarter Payments

Inside the August Tracker
Smarter Payments Tracker
  • An interview with Khun Sarintorn, vice president of trade finance and international remittance business solution head for Thailand-based Kasikornbank, on making overseas transfers more transparent and efficient
  • The latest efforts by various companies, including Mastercard, Western Union and Cambridge Global Payments, to enhance interoperability among global payment systems
  • A Deep Dive that examines the biggest cross-border pain points and the solutions that are being implemented to enable real-time payment capabilities
Smarter Payments directory

Subscription Commerce

Inside the July Tracker
Subscription Commerce Tracker
  • An interview with Bill Onderdonk, KiwiCo’s chief operating officer, on how the children’s subscription box keeps payment data secure
  • The latest subscription commerce developments, including Netflix’s first net U.S. subscriber loss since 2011
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how video game companies are adapting to the rapidly growing subscription economy
Subscription Commerce directory

Workforce Spend Playbook

Workforce Spend Playbook
  • Megan Mokri, CEO of Byte Technology and its food delivery service, Byte Foods, on how spend management tools act as financial lifelines and spare the company’s delivery drivers from incurring debt
  • The latest workforce spend management solution headlines, including developments from Ivalua, RealPage and TRG Screen
  • A Deep Dive outlining how spend and workforce solutions are poised to grow as the number of workers employed in construction, plumbing and other field-based roles increases
Workforce Spend Playbook directory
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