Amazon Walmart Whole Paycheck

Inside the September Tracker
  • In Q2 Amazon accounted for 9 percent of consumer retail spend; Walmart took 10.2 percent. The trend line shows Amazon is closing the gap.
  • Amazon’s share of three key categories – electronics, apparel and sporting goods – is on an upward trajectory while Walmart’s is falling.
  • Grocery will be the battleground for 2021. Amazon’s Whole Foods revenue dropped for the quarter compared to Q1, while Walmart increased from $58 billion in Q1 to $62 billion in Q2.
Amazon Walmart Whole Paycheck directory

AML/KYC Tracker

Inside the July Tracker
  • The latest headlines on AML/KYC, including IDFC First Bank’s launch of a video-based KYC capability and Commerzbank London’s $47 million fine for AML and CTF failures
  • An interview with Victoria Liu Edison, Alipay’s head of compliance for the Americas, about how behavioral analysis and biometric authentication can help keep customers in China safe
  • A Deep Dive on how mobile payment app providers can work to foil account takeovers and scam attempts
AML/KYC directory

Automated Retail Tracker

Inside the March Tracker
  • A look at how a new checkout technology could power a multibillion-dollar market
  • The latest developments from the automated retail space, including 7-Eleven’s testing of cashierless convenience stores and Nordstrom’s efforts to digitize vending machines
  • An interview with Luke Saunders, founder and CEO of fresh meal vending company Farmer’s Fridge, on how his business is upgrading customers’ experiences at its self-service smart vending machines
Automated Retail directory

B2B Workforce Spend Playbook

Inside the August Playbook:
  • An interview with Barclaycard chief product officer Maria Parpou on the importance of providing remote workers with digital and decentralized everyday spend support systems
  • The latest headlines from the world of B2B corporate spend, including a five-year forecast predicting a threefold increase in global virtual card market value and a look at how the pandemic has boosted consumer demand for touchless payments
  • A Deep Dive examining financial strains the pandemic has placed upon businesses and detailing how spend management tools can help firms maintain balanced budgets
B2B Workforce Spend directory

Buy Now Pay Later Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Markesha Tillman, founder of clothing retailer The Slay Brand, on how  installment payment plans are helping small clothing brands compete with larger players in the digital retail space
  • Recent buy now, pay later developments, including how 39 percent of U.K. consumers are using BNPL plans and a look at a new partnership between Afterpay and payment processing firm Worldpay
  • An in-depth look at how SMBs can leverage flexible installment payment plans to stand out in the crowded eCommerce arena
Buy Now Pay Later directory

Call Center Commerce

Inside the September Tracker
  • Recent call center commerce headlines, including Vonage’s acquisition of conversational AI suite
  • Lindsay Sacknoff, head of U.S. contact centers for TD Bank, on how using AI and multifactor authentication can improve verification measures across multiple contact center channels
  • A provider directory featuring the space’s top players, including three additions
Call Center Commerce directory

CFO's Guide To Digitizing B2B Payments

Inside the September Report
  • An interview with Anna Bickford of commercial building contractor DPR Construction on how digital tools help the firm quickly onboard and pay subcontractors
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including Amazon’s $19 million loss to a vendor scam and why online B2B card volumes are rising for North American SMBs
  • A Deep Dive examining corporate buyers’ vendor data-gathering needs and how supplier onboarding portals can help
CFO's Guide To Digitizing B2B Payments directory

Credit Union Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Eric Levine, CEO of New York-based Alternatives Federal Credit Union, on providing outside-of-the-box credit solutions to meet members’ needs during the pandemic
  • The latest credit union headlines, including Central Minnesota CU’s recent installation of a biometric ATM and an Oregon Community Credit Union program that provides temporary loans to members
  • A Deep Dive examining consumers’ shifting spending preferences during the pandemic and how credit unions are meeting these needs by rolling out innovative credit offerings
Credit Union directory

Digital Banking Tracker

Inside the December Tracker
  • An interview with Nicolas Kopp, CEO of German challenger bank N26, on how the FI revamped its customer service strategy as it expanded into the competitive U.S. market
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including mobile app upgrades by NatWest and Bank of America to retain consumers
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the technology gap between legacy banks and challenger banks as well as how each can work to close out fraud
Digital Banking directory

Digital Banks And The Power Of The Cloud Tracker

Inside The September Tracker
  • An interview with Rudolf Schmidt, chief technology officer for German challenger bank Fidor, on how FIs can leverage cloud technologies to help keep pace with changing security and regulatory standards during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The latest news and trends in the space, including why Australia’s Commonwealth Bank put a five-year deadline in place for its migration to the cloud and digital-only Varo Bank’s announcement to partner with a third-party provider on its move to the cloud
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how changing cloud compliance standards are pushing banks to prioritize innovation
Digital Banks And The Power Of The Cloud directory

Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Corey Farris, dean of students for West Virginia University, on how the COVID-19 pandemic is driving universities to digitally onboard students remotely and how this could change the way universities welcome incoming students in the future
  • A look at the latest news and trends in this space, including why Georgetown University is using a mobile app to help authenticate students and how FinTechs such as Curve are tapping biometrics for an added layer of security during digital onboarding
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how the ongoing pandemic is pushing higher education institutions to adopt virtual onboarding tools and the obstacles they are facing in doing so
Digital Consumer Onboarding directory

Digital Fraud Tracker

Inside the April Tracker
  • An interview with Greg Firestone, vice president of data science at Allstate, on how the insurance company is deploying AI and machine learning technologies to fight insurance fraud
  • The latest digital fraud developments, including a 73 percent increase in online payment fraud attempts and a COVID-19-related cyberattack on the Department of Health and Human Services
  • A Deep Dive analyzing forms of insurance fraud committed by cybercriminals as well as in-house service providers or insurance adjusters, and how they can be stopped
Digital Fraud directory

Digital Identity Tracker

Inside the September Tracker:
  • An interview with Anthony Paine, co-founder of peer-to-peer storage sharing marketplace Stashbee, on how digital ID verification solutions can help sharing economy platforms securely onboard both hosts and renters, fostering trust between parties
  • The latest headlines from across the digital identity ecosystem, including a new eID feature for Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones and Sokin’s recent integration of Jumio’s AI-driven solution to help curb fraud
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how digital identity verification and user authentication can help build consumer trust in carsharing and homesharing platforms and why this starts with a seamless onboarding experience
Digital Identity directory

Digital-First Banking Tracker

Inside the August Tracker
  • An interview with Jason Powers, senior vice president of administration at Ascend Federal Credit Union, on how the FI deploys behavioral analysis systems to protect its ITMs from fraud
  • The latest digital-first banking developments, including an increase in the use of digital wallets for contactless payments and the adoption of Confirmation of Payee by the U.K.’s six largest banking groups
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the cybersecurity threats facing digital-first FIs, and how they can deploy artificial intelligence and user authentication procedures to protect themselves and their customers
Digital-First Banking directory

Digitizing B2B Payments: Taking The Paper Check Digital

Inside the August Tracker
  • An interview with Crystal Stephens, vice president and corporate receivables product manager for Comerica Bank, discussing how companies are altering their AR processes as the COVID-19 pandemic drives workforces to work remotely
  • The latest B2B payments news and trends, including why People’s United Bank is moving to innovate its treasury solutions and recent efforts by BNY Mellon to upgrade its B2B payment capabilities
  • A Deep Dive analyzing what is holding treasurers back from integrating new digital solutions and why the need for digital integrations has accelerated in recent years
Digitizing B2B Payments Tracker®: Taking The Paper Check Digital directory

Disbursements Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Caleb Benoit, founder of retail and wholesale coffee company Connect Roasters, on why instant payments are becoming a necessity for microbusinesses during the ongoing pandemic
  • Notable headlines from the space, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve’s stepped-up timeline for its real-time payments service and Jobber’s efforts to support instant payments for self-employed contractors
  • A Deep Dive examining how fast disbursements can help microbusinesses better support their vendors and employees during the pandemic as well as what is holding these firms back from accessing instant payments
Disbursements directory

Faster Healthcare Report

Inside the May Tracker
  • A Case Study exploring why sending Affordable Care Act medical loss ratio rebates via paper checks can lead to some going unclaimed
  • Interviews with patient advocates about the frictions patients face when receiving healthcare-related disbursements and how faster payment options can help
  • A Deep Dive examining efforts to digitize patients’ disbursements
Faster Healthcare Payments directory

The Faster Payments Tracker

Inside the May Tracker:
  • An interview with the European Central bank about how it is leveraging the TIPS network to streamline real-time payments in the European Union
  • The latest developments in the global faster payments space, including Sweden’s move to join the ECB and Brazil’s testing and roll out of its instant payments platform
Faster Payments directory

FI Fraud Decisioning Playbook

Inside the September Playbook
  • An interview with Mohamad Tayba, senior manager of fraud at Alliant Credit Union, on how FIs can use device and behavioral analytics as well as strong communication strategies to distinguish between friendly fraud and criminal activity
  • The latest fraud decisioning developments, including how some FIs are using AI-powered tools to help assess chargeback claims and the latest research on what nine out of 10 consumers want from their FIs
  • A Deep Dive examining the causes of friendly fraud and how FIs and merchants are adopting new strategies and tools to fight it
FI Fraud Decisioning directory

Gig Economy Tracker

Inside the June Tracker
  • The latest headlines from the gig economy, including French FinTech Shine’s rollout of an offering that allows gig workers to insure their invoices
  • An interview with Michael Brooks, CEO and founder of online freelance marketplace goLance, on why transparency is key to engineering trust between freelancers and marketplaces
  • A Deep Dive examining how lengthy, manual invoice reconciliation can add to the financial strains freelancers and firms face, and a look at how automated technologies can help
Gig Economy directory

Global Recurring Payments Tracker

Inside the January Tracker
  • The latest global recurring payments developments, including a partnership between GoCardless and KYC solutions provider Accuity
  • Kate Thunnissen, chief marketing officer at speech-to-text platform provider Trint, explains how the company reduces subscriber churn by taking a customer-centric approach and emphasizing security
  • A Deep Dive detailing how safeguarding the onboarding process can help subscription companies combat churn and fight fraud
Global Recurring Payments directory

The How We Eat Tracker

Inside the June Tracker
  • The latest trends in the space, including the growth of “dark stores” designed solely for fulfilling online food orders
  • An interview with Eddie Garcia, senior vice president and chief product officer at Sam’s Club, on how the company is employing product-scanning apps and other digital services to make shopping more convenient and safer for its members
How We Eat directory

Intelligence of Things Tracker

Inside the May Tracker:
  • The latest IoT news and trends, including how medical IoT may be poised for growth in the wake of the pandemic and new wearable technology that enables workers to maintain social distancing
  • An interview with Marija Zima-Bockarjova, smart cities and solutions research and design manager at ABB, and Michael Lotfy, the company’s senior vice president for Smart Buildings Solutions, about how connected technologies can help cities become more resilient
  • A directory of the top IoT implementers and providers with nine new additions
Intelligence of Things directory

Merchants Guide To Navigating Global Payments Regulations

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with David Macadam, CEO of retail consortium Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (MESC) and Oren Patel, managing director for Israeli retail startup firm Retail Innovation Club, regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital payment use in the Middle East and how this is affecting online payments and privacy standards
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including a look at Egypt’s new data protection and privacy rule and why Oracle and Salesforce are fending off accusations of noncompliance with GDPR
  • A Deep Dive examining how the pandemic is impacting emerging Middle Eastern open banking and data privacy rules
Merchants Guide To Navigating Global Payments Regulations directory

Mobile Order Ahead

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Mandy Shaw, CEO of Blaze Pizza, on how the fast casual pizza chain works proactively to prevent friendly fraud and mobile order promotion abuse
  • The latest mobile order-ahead developments, including how Panera Bread teamed up with Google to enhance its digital customer ordering experience and Taco Bell’s recent unveiling of its new Go Mobile restaurant concept merging physical and digital experiences
  • A Deep Dive examining the growth of app-based friendly fraud and what tools can be used to identify and mitigate it
Mobile Order Ahead directory

mPOS Tracker

Inside the July 2019 Tracker
  • An interview with small business owners Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts and Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies on the mPOS features that vendors need to optimize summer event sales
  • The latest headlines and trends from around the mPOS space, including Reliance’s foray into kirana store mPOS, plus Vimo Technology and mPOS Technology’s merger
  • A Deep Dive examining how restaurants are using mPOS to provide better service
mPOS directory

Next-Gen AP Automation

Inside the August Tracker
  • An interview with Neil McHugh, head of commercial operating products in corporate products and services at TD Bank, on how the pandemic is pushing AP practices to become more resilient and streamlined
  • The latest AP automation developments, including why 86 percent of businesses are prioritizing payments automation and how the Estonian government’s policy of accepting only digital invoices is faring one year later
  • An in-depth examination of how robotic process automation and AI-powered optical character recognition tools are helping businesses accelerate their AP processes
Next-Gen AP Automation directory

Next-Gen Debit Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Mike Clem, chief digital officer at musical instrument and equipment retailer Sweetwater, on safeguarding digital and over-the-phone transactions from CNP fraud
  • The latest next-gen debit developments, including legislators’ calls for a Federal Reserve investigation into CNP transaction routing and new research on why 58 percent of retailers now accept contactless card payments
  • An in-depth examination of how retailers and financial institutions can protect CNP debit purchasing from fraud
Next-Gen Debit directory

Next-Gen Payroll Tracker

Inside the July Tracker
  • An interview with Dave Messinger, chief technology officer at Topcoder, on why quick and flexible payment options are critical for skilled workers
  • The latest payroll news and trends, including why several countries are introducing tighter measures surrounding payday lending
  • A Deep Dive examining how on-demand disbursements in the gig economy are inspiring other employers to experiment with faster payout options
Next-Gen Payroll directory

Next-Gen Sales Tax Tracker®

Inside the December Tracker
  • National Diaper Bank Network Director of Policy and Government Relations Phillip Vander Klay on the effects of — and ongoing disputes over — diaper sales taxes in some states, and NorthShore Care Supply president Adam Greenberg on the business impacts of those laws, especially as more states adopt remote seller taxes
  • The latest eCommerce sales tax developments, including a dispute over California’s, Louisiana’s and South Carolina’s attempts to gather retroactive online sales taxes and Alaska’s push to collect local and remote seller taxes via app
  • A Deep Dive providing an in-depth examination of the complex world of sales tax bundling, including merchants’ strategies to minimize tax management frictions
Next-Gen Sales Tax directory

Order To Eat Tracker

Inside the August-September Tracker
  • An interview with Michael Haith, CEO of fast casual QSR Teriyaki Madness, on optimizing order management to smoothly offer customers access to different products
  • The latest order to eat trends, including Mexican QSR Chipotle’s expansion of its third-party delivery partnerships and fast food chain KFC’s plan to roll out 3D-printed chicken nuggets
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how QSRs can combine diverse menu offerings and comprehensive order management systems to win customers and stand out during the pandemic 
Order To Eat directory

Payments Orchestration Playbook

Inside the September Playbook:
  • An interview with Matt Monahan, vice president of product at digital solution provider Arc Publishing, on how payments orchestration can help firms streamline their payment operations
  • A look at the latest headlines from across the payments orchestration space, including Prove’s acquisition of new cloud-based authentication solutions from Early Warning Services and how the global payment gateway market could reach $42.9 billion by 2025
  • A Deep Dive examining the costs and resources needed to support a multi-gateway payment system and how payments orchestration can help streamline its upkeep
Payments Orchestration directory

Preventing Financial Crimes Playbook

Inside the September Playbook
  • An interview with Sameer Shetty, head of digital banking at Axis Bank, on how AI and video onboarding can significantly drive down the rate of identity fraud incidents
  • The latest financial crime developments, including a 22 percent increase in identity theft targeting seniors in 2019 and how 5.3 million stolen passwords are circulating dark web marketplaces
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the use of identity fraud to scam FIs and their customers, and the technologies banks are deploying to stop such schemes
Preventing Financial Crimes directory

Reinventing B2B Payments Report

Inside the July Report
  • An interview with Shawn Askinosie, CEO and founder of bean-to-bar chocolate SMB Askinosie Chocolate, on the AP strategies that can better support ethical trade and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected check-based B2B payments
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including new tools for helping vendors send digital invoices and American Express’ launch of an AP automation solution
  • A Deep Dive examining how leveraging virtual cards for B2B payments can ease buyer and supplier cash flow strains and defend against rising fraud attacks
Reinventing B2B Payments directory

Small and Medium Business Reopening Report

Inside the September Report
  • An interview with Nelson Gutierrez, president of Strictly Bicycles, on how the retailer is leveraging click-and-collect and contactless payments to provide customers with safe and socially distant retail experiences
  • The latest SMB reopening developments, including a surge in eCommerce use among baby boomers and seniors and how almost three-quarters of SMBs are modernizing their digital capabilities
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how SMBs are using contactless payments to conduct their day-to-day business while reducing the likelihood of viral transmission
Small and Medium Business Reopening directory

Smarter Payments Tracker

Inside The September Tracker
  • An interview with Sam Tay, CEO of FinTech Aptiv8, and Ho Chee Wai, country head of Singapore for banking-as-a-service provider Nium, on providing app-based remittances for migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and why this will remain their remittances method of choice for years to come
  • The latest smarter payments developments, including the United Arab Emirates’ move to require hawala brokers to become formally registered and Nium’s securement of a U.K. electronic money institution license
  • An in-depth examination of how digital KYC tools and remittances-as-a-service offerings can help FIs and FinTechs provide compliant money transfer services
Smarter Payments directory

Subscription Commerce Tracker

Inside the September Tracker
  • An interview with Julie Marchant-Houle, U.S. CEO of meal kit subscription services Dinnerly and Martha & Marley Spoon, on how the COVID-19 pandemic is driving up demand for meal kits and why these purchasing behaviors may be here to stay
  • The latest subscription commerce news, including how the newly remote workforce is creating high demand for coffee subscription services and why D2C brands are reconsidering the value of adding physical locations
  • A Deep Dive assessing how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing consumers’ subscription service habits and how pause options are becoming more popular as a means of customer retention
Subscription Commerce directory

The FI's Guide To Modernizing Digital Payments

Inside the August/September Tracker
  • An interview with Bryce Elliott, chief information officer for enterprise payment technology at Truist Bank, on harnessing cloud technology to meet customers’ need for speed and security
  • The latest payments modernization developments, including Google Pay’s recent addition of six new banking partners and Microsoft’s new partnership with Mastercard for cloud-based digital payments
  • A Deep Dive analyzing what consumers and corporate clients expect from their digital payment experiences and how banks are partnering with FinTechs to meet these expectations with cloud-based tools
The FI's Guide To Modernizing Digital Payments directory

Workforce Spend Tracker

Inside the March Tracker
  • The latest spend management news and trends, including the rise of ridesharing as the top expensed item in 2019
  • An interview with Barry Floyd, chief financial officer at Paul Davis, and Jeff Harper, its senior director of shared services, on how the company is leveraging spend management technology as part of its mission to rebuild homes in times of disaster
  • A Deep Dive on how artificial intelligence is being used to improve spend management operations
Workforce Spend directory