Inside the November Tracker
AML/KYC Tracker
  •    The latest headlines on AML/KYC, including including Bank of Thailand’s biometric KYC pilot and India’s changed KYC requirements for foreign investors
  • Justin Farris, Zillow’s director of product development, on real estate security and how home purchasing and rental platforms can defend against attempted money laundering and other forms of fraud
  • A Deep Dive on the potential benefits and limitations of video-based KYC in Fis’ onboarding procedures
AML/KYC directory

Automated Retail

Inside the August Tracker
Automated Retail Tracker
  • Bhushan Mehendale, vice president of engineering at Esper, on designing software that allows retailers to remotely change automated kiosks’ functions and use them for various sales applications
  • Notable news from around the space, including Kroger and Ocado’s new automated order fulfillment centers and McDonald’s experiment with robotic fryers
  • A Deep Dive examining how automated buy online, pickup in store solutions help stores compete against eCommerce giants
Automated Retail directory


Inside the December Tracker
B2B API Tracker
  • Bridgit Chayt, Fifth Third Bank senior vice president and director of commercial payments and treasury management, explains how API-focused strategies help banks better serve corporate treasurers
  • The latest B2B API headlines, including HSBC’s new APIs for issuing bank guarantees and the Central Bank of the Philippines’ test of APIs to streamline regulatory reporting
  • A Deep Dive examining how APIs can offer easy access to instant payment rails and other services that support accelerated B2B transactions
B2B API directory

Buy Now Pay Later

Inside the December Tracker
Buy Now Pay Later Tracker
  • Nick Kaplan, president of fashion brand Fashion To Figure, explains why retailers should consider consumers’ financial needs when choosing which payment methods to offer
  • Recent buy now, pay later headlines, including British merchant Marks & Spencer’s move to add BNPL capabilities to its website and mobile app
  • A Deep Dive exploring the importance of bridge millennials and how their spending power and shopping preferences are changing the retail space
Buy Now Pay Later directory

Call Center Commerce

Inside the September Tracker
Call Center Commerce
  • Recent call center commerce headlines, including Vonage’s acquisition of conversational AI suite
  • Lindsay Sacknoff, head of U.S. contact centers for TD Bank, on how using AI and multifactor authentication can improve verification measures across multiple contact center channels
  • A provider directory featuring the space’s top players, including three additions
Call Center Commerce directory

Credit Union

Inside the November Tracker
Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Grace Roberto, senior digital product manager for SAFE Credit Union, about how the credit union leverages targeted marketing while maintaining members’ privacy
  • The latest credit union developments, including new legislation to remove the lending cap for veteran-owned businesses
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the latest cybersecurity threats facing CUs, such as botnets and phishing schemes
Credit Union directory

Digital Banking

Inside the December Tracker
Digital Banking Tracker

An interview with Nicolas Kopp, CEO of German challenger bank N26, on how the FI revamped its customer service strategy as it expanded into the competitive U.S. market

Recent headlines from around the space, including mobile app upgrades by NatWest and Bank of America to retain consumers

A Deep Dive analyzing the technology gap between legacy banks and challenger banks as well as how each can work to close out fraud

Digital Banking directory


Inside the April Tracker
  • An interview with Jennifer Aguiar, vice president of compliance and risk at DraftKings, on the company’s data-driven strategy for keeping customers safe
  • The latest news from around the space, including headlines on Citi’s digital onboarding portal expansion and new details on Mastercard’s universal digital ID initiative
  • A Deep Dive on how online gaming and gambling platforms are leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence to verify customers’ identities while avoiding onboarding frictions

Digital Fraud

Digital Fraud Tracker
  • An interview with Gui Karyo, chief information officer at Ticketmaster North America, about how the eCommerce platform uses machine learning and other anti-fraud mechanisms to distinguish fans from fraudsters
  • The latest headlines from around the digital fraud space, including new anti-fraud measures from Facebook and U.K. bank TSB
  • A Deep Dive examining the dangers that reshipping fraud can pose to both customers and businesses
Digital Fraud directory

Digital Identity

Inside the December Tracker
Digital Identity Tracker
  • An interview with Russell Castagnaro, director of digital transformation at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology, about the state’s implementation of a new digital driver’s license app and how it addresses privacy challenges
  • The latest digital ID developments, including China’s new blockchain-based smart city initiative
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the latest threats to biometric authentication
Digital Identity directory

Digital-First Banking

Inside the November Tracker
Digital-First Banking Tracker
  • An interview with Shawn Bradley, executive vice president of customer insights for Regions Bank, on how the FI’s AI tool, ROSIE, is innovating customer experiences
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including how Santander Bank is using smart ATMs to appeal to digital-first customers
  • A Deep Dive into how banks are using innovative technologies to meet demands from customers used to digital-first banking
Digital-First Banking directory


Inside the November Tracker
Disbursements Tracker

An interview with Paul Gu, co-founder and head of product for online lender Upstart, on the growing importance of instant payments in the lending world

Notable headlines from around the space, including FICO’s recent efforts to secure real-time disbursements with new fraud solutions

A Deep Dive on how instant payments can eliminate frictions in the online lending space

Disbursements directory

Faster Payments

Faster Payments Tracker
  • The latest faster payments headlines, including initiatives from Goji, NatWest and the State Bank of Pakistan
  • David Evans, CEO of bank verification systems provider DecisionLogic, explains how quicker analysis of borrowers’ financial data can offer faster loan access
  • A Deep Dive exploring the benefits of adopting real-time payments in the healthcare market
Faster Payments directory

Fraud Decisioning

Inside the October Playbook
Fraud Decisioning Playbook
  • An interview with Oisin Hanrahan, CEO of on-demand professional hiring marketplace Handy, on how the firm’s blend of AI, ML and human insights enable it to respond to fraud in real time
  • A Deep Dive outlining how data lakes are ushering in a sea change in the anti-fraud fight
  • The latest headlines from around the space, including new insights from the Federal Trade Commission on millennials’ fraud risks
Fraud Decisioning directory

Global Recurring Payments

Global Recurring Payments Tracker
  • An interview with Pablo Kenney, director of product strategy and operations for CRM solutions provider Zendesk about how seamless recurring payments are key to enhancing “the business of relationships”
  • A Deep Dive examining how involuntary churn impacts businesses’ revenues and the steps companies can take to address such issues
  • The latest developments in the global recurring payments space, including a new solution from GoCardless and Recurly for international tuition payments
Global Recurring Payments directory

Intelligence of Things

Inside the November Tracker
Intelligence of Things Tracker Intelligence of Things directory

Mobile Order-Ahead

Inside the November Tracker
Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker
  • An interview with Dan Wheeler, Wahlburgers’ senior vice president of marketing and innovation, on how the QSR balances security and seamlessness to secure its recently launched WahlClub loyalty program
  • The latest mobile order-ahead developments, including a new dine-in mobile ordering option from Chick-fil-A
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the many methods of gift card fraud, its effects and how QSRs are working to stop fraudsters from taking advantage
Mobile Order-Ahead directory


Inside the July 2019 Tracker
mPOS Tracker
  • An interview with small business owners Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts and Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies on the mPOS features that vendors need to optimize summer event sales
  • The latest headlines and trends from around the mPOS space, including Reliance’s foray into kirana store mPOS, plus Vimo Technology and mPOS Technology’s merger
  • A Deep Dive examining how restaurants are using mPOS to provide better service
mPOS directory

Next-Gen AP Automation

Inside the November Tracker
Next-Gen AP Automation Tracker
  • An interview with Rich Wessels, treasurer for transportation management and logistics firm Transplace, about the “chicken-and-egg” dilemma that logistics firms face when weighing the potential benefits of AP automation
  • A Deep Dive into AP automation’s potential return on investment, including how it can help firms recruit millennials
  • The latest solutions from the top players in the space, including Bottomline Technologies, Medius, Really Simple Solutions and more
Next-Gen AP Automation directory

Next-Gen Payments

Inside the December Report
Next-Gen Payments Report

• An interview with Ellen Voie, CEO and president of the Women In Trucking Association, along with truckers Carmen Anderson and Deb LaBree, on the payments solutions that let truckers transact seamlessly across states while on the job
• Recent headlines from around the space, including Uber’s new driver-focused mobile bank accounts and J.P. Morgan’s supports for business clients’ B2B card payments
• A Deep Dive examining how Gen Z and millennial demands are slated to change payroll and B2B AP practices

Next-Gen Payments directory

Next-Gen Sales Tax

Inside the November Tracker®
Next-Gen Sales Tax Tracker®


• George Isaacson, the lawyer who represented Wayfair in the 2018 Wayfair v. South Dakota case, on the economic impact of a disjointed remote seller tax law landscape

• The latest eCommerce sales tax developments, including how Wisconsin is using its economic nexus tax law to uplift its lowest earners and why a small Louisiana parish is taking to court

• A Deep Dive providing an in-depth examination of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and the extent to which it can ease today’s remote sales tax compliance challenges

Next-Gen Sales Tax directory

Order To Eat

Inside the December Tracker
Order To Eat Tracker
  • An interview with Nicole West, vice president of digital strategy and product for QSR chain Chipotle on the company’s investment in digital ordering innovation such as an AI-power phone ordering system and Amazon Alexa reordering skills
  • The latest restaurant ordering innovations from Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks and more
  • A Deep Dive on how QSRs and other food service businesses can use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to enhance services and retain patrons
Order To Eat directory


Inside the November Tracker
PSD2 Tracker

An interview with Paul Adams, director of payment acceptance at card acquirer and payment service provider Barclaycard, on achieving the balance between convenience and security under SCA

Notable headlines from around the space, including how the U.K. is responding to SCA and how it will affect its payment ecosystem in the event of a no-deal Brexit

A Deep Dive into SCA security requirements and their potential impact on customer satisfaction within the EU

PSD2 directory

Smarter Payments

Inside the August Tracker
Smarter Payments Tracker
  • An interview with Khun Sarintorn, vice president of trade finance and international remittance business solution head for Thailand-based Kasikornbank, on making overseas transfers more transparent and efficient
  • The latest efforts by various companies, including Mastercard, Western Union and Cambridge Global Payments, to enhance interoperability among global payment systems
  • A Deep Dive that examines the biggest cross-border pain points and the solutions that are being implemented to enable real-time payment capabilities
Smarter Payments directory

Subscription Commerce

Inside the November Tracker
Subscription Commerce Tracker

An interview with Stacey Renfro, chief customer and digital experience officer for The Vitamin Shoppe, on the challenges of offering subscriptions at the point of sale

The latest subscription developments, including the demise of PlayStation Vue

A Deep Dive analyzing the various reasons behind subscriber churn and how businesses are working to retain their customers

Subscription Commerce directory

Workforce Spend

Workforce Spend Playbook
  • An interview with David Noymer, chief financial officer of the Greater Boston Food Bank, on how spend cards enable the organization to focus on its mission to feed communities in need instead of chasing down receipts
  • The latest workforce spend news and trends, highlighting the make-or-break challenges SMBs face due to inadequate cash management practices
  • A Deep Dive on how spend management solutions can help nonprofits improve their spending and reporting activities
Workforce Spend directory