Our data and analytics team has developed a number of creative methodologies and frameworks that measure and benchmark the innovation that’s reshaping the payments and commerce ecosystem.


Inside the July Tracker
AML/KYC Tracker
  • The latest industry headlines, including India’s new KYC requirements and Coinfirm’s AML-related partnership with Ripple XRP
  • Bitbuy founder and president Adam Goldman on how his trading platform keeps cryptocurrency transfers safe
  • A Deep Dive into the emerging fraud forms impacting sharing and gig economy platforms, including the strategies to combat them


AML/KYC directory

Automated Retail

Inside the June Tracker
Automated Retail Tracker
  • An interview with Farmhouse Market co-founder Kendra Rasmusson on designing a secure, 24/7 self-serve organic grocery store
  • A Deep Dive examining obstacles hindering U.S. mobile payment uptake, potential benefits of the technology and strategies for encouraging adoption
  • Notable news and trends, including Stora Enso’s smart connected retail cabinets’ debut and Costco’s self-checkout plans
Automated Retail directory


Inside the April Tracker
B2B API Tracker
  • An interview with Ismail Chaib, chief operating officer at TESOBE and its Open Bank Project, on how FIs can improve security and insights with APIs
  • Notable headlines from the B2B API space, including Deutsche Bank and Serrala’s new SCT Inst API, plus American Express and SAP Ariba’s recent B2B payments partnership
  • A Deep Dive exploring how FIs use APIs to support open banking and cross-border payments strategies
B2B API directory

Call Center Commerce

Inside the July Tracker
Call Center Commerce Tracker
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including why providers like Verizon are turning to AI to better meet customers’ needs
  • An interview with Tori Forbes-Roberts, vice president of reservation sales and customer care for Delta Airlines, on how it is enhancing customer service capabilities through AI and Apple Business Chat
  • A provider directory featuring the space’s top players, including three additions
Call Center Commerce directory

Credit Union

Inside the June Tracker
Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Tony Hildesheim, chief information officer at Redwood Credit Union, on how CUs can utilize both financial and social data to improve customer service
  • The latest credit union developments, including milestones, partnerships and new technological innovations
  • A Deep Dive exploring the advantages and challenges of CU-issued credit cards, and the uphill battle they face against bank-issued cards
Credit Union directory

Digital Banking

Inside The June Tracker
Digital Banking Tracker
  • An interview with Ashley Nagle Eknaian, chief digital strategist and head of Eastern Bank’s Eastern Labs, on how the bank innovates to serve four generations of customers
  • Recent headlines from around the space, including why regulators in regions like Singapore are debating the rise of digital-only banks
  • A Deep Dive exploring how artificial intelligence, biometrics and other technologies can improve banks’ customer experiences
Digital Banking directory


Inside the April Tracker
  • An interview with Jennifer Aguiar, vice president of compliance and risk at DraftKings, on the company’s data-driven strategy for keeping customers safe
  • The latest news from around the space, including headlines on Citi’s digital onboarding portal expansion and new details on Mastercard’s universal digital ID initiative
  • A Deep Dive on how online gaming and gambling platforms are leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence to verify customers’ identities while avoiding onboarding frictions

Digital Fraud

Inside the June Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Joseph Sieczkowski, head of technology architecture and data at BNY Mellon, talks about how the bank is using AI and data analytics in its fight against cybercrime
  • A Deep Dive outlining fraud in the video game industry, and how gamers and platforms can protect themselves from account takeovers
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including biometric technology advances, new social media threats and dark web marketplace shutdowns
Digital Fraud directory

Digital Identity

Inside the July Tracker
Digital Identity Tracker
  • An interview with Wayne Vaughan, co-founder of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, on how Facebook’s Project Libra could disrupt the digital ID space and the security challenges that would come with it
  • A Deep Dive exploring the adoption barriers mobile digital ID initiatives have faced around the world
  • Rankings of the top digital identity providers, including profiles of more than 200 players in the space
Digital Identity directory


Inside The July Tracker
Disbursements Tracker
  • Jay Bregman, CEO and co-founder of general liability insurance provider Verifly, discusses gig workers’ demands for on-demand insurance and faster payouts
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including how music rights administrator Revelator is using its smart contract app to speed royalty disbursements
  • A Deep Dive on the ways digital payments are changing how restaurants disburse tips to waitstaff
Disbursements directory

Faster Payments

Inside the June Tracker
Faster Payments Tracker
  • The latest faster payments developments, including RT1’s Finnish expansion and Avidia’s move to join The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments
  • An interview with Family Plan President Laura MacMahon on how a mobile app for divorced parents can take the tension out of sharing childcare expenses
  • A Deep Dive examining initiatives to improve the speed of freelancer compensation
  • A provider directory featuring 47 players in the space, including three new additions


Faster Payments directory

Intelligence of Things

Inside the June Tracker
Intelligence of Things Tracker 
  • An interview with Mitchell Klein, executive director of Z-Wave Alliance, about security and interoperability in the IoT space
  • The latest IoT developments, including Amazon’s plans to launch drone-based deliveries this year
  • A directory on the top IoT providers, including ten additions
Intelligence of Things directory

Mobile Order-Ahead

Inside the June Tracker
Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker
  • An interview with Ray Reddy, co-founder of Ritual, about how the app helps independent restaurants compete with large QSR chains
  • The latest mobile order-ahead developments, including international rewards programs’ expansions, vehicle integrations and security concerns
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how fraudsters continually threaten the mobile order-ahead industry
Mobile Order-Ahead directory


Inside the July 2019 Tracker
mPOS Tracker
  • An interview with small business owners Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts and Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies on the mPOS features that vendors need to optimize summer event sales
  • The latest headlines and trends from around the mPOS space, including Reliance’s foray into kirana store mPOS, plus Vimo Technology and mPOS Technology’s merger
  • A Deep Dive examining how restaurants are using mPOS to provide better service
mPOS directory


Inside the July Edition
PSD2 Tracker
  • An interview with Patrick Langeveld, innovation driver for open banking at ING Bank, on how the FI is approaching API innovation to simplify PSD2 for clients and end customers
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including why European FIs like Rabobank are creating PSD2-compliant APIs for data sharing
  • A Deep Dive into how retailers are approaching SCA as they face potential losses under the rule
PSD2 directory

Smarter Payments

Inside the June Tracker
Smarter Payments Tracker
  • Executives from three Libra Association member firms — Mastercard, Fartech and Women’s World Banking — outline what Libra’s underlying infrastructure should accomplish
  • The latest Smarter Payments trends and headlines, including efforts to make cross-border payments more seamless via blockchain
  • A Deep Dive examining how traditional cross-border banking solutions are falling short and what financial services players are doing to modernize them
Smarter Payments directory

Subscription Commerce

Inside The May Tracker
Subscription Commerce Tracker
  • An interview with Robin Reodica, product management executive director for Bank of America Merchant Services, on how merchants can personalize subscription experiences without blowing up their budgets
  • A Deep Dive into how eLearning subscription platforms are dealing with security breaches and other challenges
  • Notable headlines from around the subscription market, including how companies like Uber are moving subscriptions into food delivery platforms
Subscription Commerce directory

Workforce Spend Management

Workforce Spend Management Tracker
  • An interview with Kate Dischino, VP of emergency programs for Americares, on how the humanitarian organization’s workforce spend management tools are helping disaster workers focus on relief efforts rather than financial reconciliation.
  • The latest news and headlines on workforce spend management solutions
  • A Deep Dive on how flexible payment cards could be help charter school professional remain accountable to taxpayers and education officials
Workforce Spend Management directory
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