Inside the September Tracker
AML KYC Tracker
  • A Deep Dive into the financial sector’s anti-fraud and regulatory compliance efforts, including how AI-based tools can help
  • The latest AML/KYC headlines, including the exposure of 2.6 million Jana Bank customers’ KYC details and crypto exchange Binance’s response to alleged KYC data theft
  • An interview with Nicolas Dinh, chief operating officer of financial mobile app STACK, on how financial startups can create robust fraud fighting strategies to win customers’ trust
AML KYC directory

Automated Retail

Inside the August Tracker
Automated Retail Tracker
  • Bhushan Mehendale, vice president of engineering at Esper, on designing software that allows retailers to remotely change automated kiosks’ functions and use them for various sales applications
  • Notable news from around the space, including Kroger and Ocado’s new automated order fulfillment centers and McDonald’s experiment with robotic fryers
  • A Deep Dive examining how automated buy online, pickup in store solutions help stores compete against eCommerce giants
Automated Retail directory


Inside the April Tracker
B2B API Tracker
  • An interview with Ismail Chaib, chief operating officer at TESOBE and its Open Bank Project, on how FIs can improve security and insights with APIs
  • Notable headlines from the B2B API space, including Deutsche Bank and Serrala’s new SCT Inst API, plus American Express and SAP Ariba’s recent B2B payments partnership
  • A Deep Dive exploring how FIs use APIs to support open banking and cross-border payments strategies
B2B API directory

Call Center Commerce

Inside the September Tracker
Call Center Commerce
  • Recent call center commerce headlines, including Vonage’s acquisition of conversational AI suite
  • Lindsay Sacknoff, head of U.S. contact centers for TD Bank, on how using AI and multifactor authentication can improve verification measures across multiple contact center channels
  • A provider directory featuring the space’s top players, including three additions
Call Center Commerce directory

Credit Union

Inside the September Tracker
Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Allison Videtti, director of marketing for Alliant Credit Union, on the challenges and benefits of personalizing services in an increasingly digital world
  • The latest credit union developments, including approval of the nation’s first LGBTQ-focused CU
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how CUs are leveraging social media to boost member engagement
Credit Union directory

Digital Banking

Inside the October Tracker
Digital Banking Tracker

Michael Bopp, executive vice president and chief customer engagement officer for Synchrony Financial, explains how banks can innovate their AML strategies to ward off fraudsters without sacrificing customers’ experiences

Recent headlines from around the space, including U.S. Bancorp’s acquisition of software firm Talech

A Deep Dive on how U.S. banks are updating their AML strategies to guard against fraud and data attacks

Digital Banking directory


Inside the April Tracker
  • An interview with Jennifer Aguiar, vice president of compliance and risk at DraftKings, on the company’s data-driven strategy for keeping customers safe
  • The latest news from around the space, including headlines on Citi’s digital onboarding portal expansion and new details on Mastercard’s universal digital ID initiative
  • A Deep Dive on how online gaming and gambling platforms are leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence to verify customers’ identities while avoiding onboarding frictions

Digital Fraud

Inside the September Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Andrew Sloper, head of digital identity and authentication at Chase, explains how machine learning tools are being used by the bank to develop a layered and preventative approach to fighting fraud
  • The latest fraud headlines, including the Federal Trade Commission’s warning to consumers about romance scam activities
  • A Deep Dive highlighting the pros and cons of using unsupervised machine learning for anti-fraud efforts
Digital Fraud directory

Digital Identity

Inside the October Tracker
Digital Identity Tracker
  • An interview with Caton Hanson, co-founder of financial management app Nav, on how the company navigates the challenges of knowledge-based authentication when helping small businesses with credit checks
  • The latest digital ID developments, including a new vein-tracing biometric system from Hitachi
  • A Deep Dive exploring governmental digital ID initiatives in Africa and Asia
Digital Identity directory


Inside the October Tracker
Disbursements Tracker

Craig Cassata, president of online rebates service Mr. Rebates, and Kristen Gall, general manager for cash back and shopping rewards company Rakuten Rewards, on why check payments continue to dominate in the online rebate world

Notable headlines from around the space, including why instant payments are spreading across the Netherlands

A Deep Dive on how instant payments solutions are changing online rebates and what businesses risk by not offering speedy disbursements

Disbursements directory

Faster Payments

Inside the September Tracker
Faster Payments Tracker
  • The latest faster payments developments, including J.P. Morgan’s announcement of same-day settlement for credit card payments
  • Kristy Brandon, Comerica Bank’s senior vice president of eBanking, explains the rising demand for quick and secure mobile P2P payments among Gen X and baby boomer consumers
  • A Deep Dive on the benefits and challenges of real-time push and pull payments
Faster Payments directory

Global Recurring Payments

Inside the October Tracker
Global Recurring Payments Tracker
  • The latest global recurring payments developments, including how B2C subscription providers are tackling involuntary customer churn and nonpayment risks
  • An interview with pCloud CEO Tunio Zafer on the challenges of providing B2C cloud storage subscriptions and convenient payment experiences in emerging markets
  • A Deep Dive examining how B2C subscription companies can better design their recurring payments experiences to win and retain customers
Global Recurring Payments directory

Intelligence of Things

Inside the September Tracker
Intelligence of Things Tracker 
  • The latest faster payments developments, including J.P. Morgan’s announcement of same-day settlement for credit card payments
  • Kristy Brandon, Comerica Bank’s senior vice president of eBanking, explains the rising demand for quick and secure mobile P2P payments among Gen X and baby boomer consumers
  • A Deep Dive on the benefits and challenges of real-time push and pull payments
Intelligence of Things directory

Mobile Order-Ahead

Inside the September Tracker
Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker
  • An interview with Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Dunkin’s vice president of digital and loyalty marketing, on how the coffee giant leverages its AI-powered DD Perks rewards program for data insights and member engagement
  • The latest mobile order-ahead developments, including why restaurants are feuding with Yelp and Grubhub
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the rise of AI applications among QSRs for both customer-facing roles and back-of-house operations
Mobile Order-Ahead directory


Inside the July 2019 Tracker
mPOS Tracker
  • An interview with small business owners Kris Naradzay of Kris Krafts and Cherrette Jupiter of Jupiter Pies on the mPOS features that vendors need to optimize summer event sales
  • The latest headlines and trends from around the mPOS space, including Reliance’s foray into kirana store mPOS, plus Vimo Technology and mPOS Technology’s merger
  • A Deep Dive examining how restaurants are using mPOS to provide better service
mPOS directory

Next-Gen AP Automation

Inside the September Tracker
Next-Gen AP Automation Tracker
  • The latest AP automation news, including how new automated solutions are providing companies with actionable intelligence for unlocking payment efficiencies in AP workflows
  • An interview with UMB Bank’s executive vice president and director of product management, Uma Wilson, on helping businesses recognize the impact of modern AP approaches
  • A Deep Dive examining common AP frictions and the roles automation and virtual cards play in providing faster, safer operations
Next-Gen AP Automation directory

Next-Gen Sales Tax

Inside the September Tracker
Next-Gen Sales Tax Tracker
  • Pierre Rogers, founder of luxury cigar eCommerce marketplace PuroTrader, discusses economic nexus taxes’ surprising impacts on the tobacco industry and how online marketplaces can ease compliance burdens
  •  The latest eCommerce sales tax developments, including Poland’s abandonment of its proposed digital services tax and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s progress on a global digital tax norm
  • A Deep Dive providing an in-depth examination of the eCommerce sales tax implications of a no-deal Brexit
Next-Gen Sales Tax directory

Order To Eat

Inside the October Tracker
Order To Eat Tracker
  • Taco Bell’s senior director of digital technology, Rafik Hanna, explains how self-service kiosks and a delivery partnership with Grubhub fit into the chain’s omnichannel ambitions
  • The latest headlines from around the space, including how brands like McDonald’s, Domino’s and MOD Pizza are using third-party partners to improve their customer experiences
  • A data-rich Deep Dive that focuses on the pros and cons of partnering with third-party food delivery services
Order To Eat directory


Inside the October Tracker
PSD2 Tracker

Notable headlines from around the space, including why Denmark and Finland have implemented SCA extensions

An interview with Nicolas Adolph, chairman of the European Association of Payment Service Providers for Merchants (EPSM), on how EU merchants are responding to SCA

A Deep Dive into how SCA complicates mobile authentication

PSD2 directory

Securing B2B Payments

Inside the September Report
Securing B2B Payments Report
  • DPR Construction’s Karin Rush and Linnet Phoenix explain how the firm’s use of virtual and purchasing cards enable it to make secure and efficient payments across a network of thousands of subcontractors and suppliers
  • A Deep Dive outlining how artificial intelligence will play a significant role in addressing global fraud
  • The latest headlines from around the space, including a rise in business email compromise fraud scams
Securing B2B Payments directory

Smarter Payments

Inside the August Tracker
Smarter Payments Tracker
  • An interview with Khun Sarintorn, vice president of trade finance and international remittance business solution head for Thailand-based Kasikornbank, on making overseas transfers more transparent and efficient
  • The latest efforts by various companies, including Mastercard, Western Union and Cambridge Global Payments, to enhance interoperability among global payment systems
  • A Deep Dive that examines the biggest cross-border pain points and the solutions that are being implemented to enable real-time payment capabilities
Smarter Payments directory

Subscription Commerce

Inside the September Tracker
Subscription Commerce Tracker
  • Mike Salguero, founder and CEO of Butcherbox, on protecting the meat delivery subscription service from fraud and the challenges facing the subscription commerce marketplace
  • The latest subscription developments, including new subscription programs from Facebook and Google
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how forthcoming services like Disney+ and Apple TV+ are set to shake up the video streaming marketplace landscape
Subscription Commerce directory

Workforce Spend Playbook

Inside the September Playbook
Workforce Spend Playbook
  • An interview with Tom Skraby, vice president of finance for Borrego Solar Systems, and Kathryn Giliberto, its senior treasury manager, on how payment cards prevent solar installation technicians from making out-of-pocket purchases and keep them focused on their jobs
  • A Deep Dive exploring how cost management solutions could help construction firms quickly issue wages and gain tailored insights into performance metrics
  • The latest headlines on emerging workforce spend management solutions, including the Australian government’s initiative to help SMBs reduce energy spending costs
Workforce Spend Playbook directory
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