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    GenAI is transforming the enterprise, both large and small, but only a fraction of firms fully exploit its strategic potential.

    Using GenAI Strategically Is Riskier, but It Pays Off

    Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) holds immense potential for transforming how organizations deploy technology to improve operational efficiency and drive innovation. Still, many firms fail to fully leverage the technology’s capabilities. For example, half of surveyed chief marketing officers (CMOs) use GenAI for routine tasks like drafting emails and visualizing data. Just 20% use it for … Read more

    Report cover image

    The decision to automate is a crucial strategy for improving business efficiency and viability, but can automation actually reduce business uncertainty?

    Automation or Information? Reducing Uncertainty in a Changing Business Landscape

    According to PYMNTS Intelligence’s recent Certainty Report, one-third of middle-market companies in the United States operate in a highly uncertain environment. Uncertainty is problematic for businesses because it hinders their ability to make informed decisions, plan effectively and achieve their objectives. Uncertainty also involves risk, as firms may face unexpected events or outcomes that can … Read more