PYMNTS.com is reinventing the way in which companies share relevant information about the initiatives that shape the future of payments and commerce and make news.  This powerful B2B platform is the #1 site for the payments industry by traffic and the premier source of information about “What’s Next” in payments and commerce. C-suite executives, company founders, and investors turn to it daily for these insights, making the PYMNTS.com audience the most valuable in the industry. It provides an interactive platform for companies to demonstrate thought leadership, popularize products and, most importantly, capture the mindshare of global decision-makers. It’s where the best minds and best content meet on the web. Innovations in payments and commerce have become highly intertwined. PYMNTS covers every aspect from retail reinvention to the Internet of Things.

Where the Best Content and Minds Gather

PYMNTS.com boasts a rich mix of relevant, interesting and interactive content that not only drives payments professionals to the site on a regular basis, but provides a new, innovative platform for the payments community-individuals and companies-to distribute their own content. Both innovator- and expert-driven, it is the brightest minds, thought leaders, innovators and experts in this space who contribute to its original content. This includes pitches from emerging and established companies alike on new products and services, an open platform for user contributed presentations and publications, a weekly “Briefing Room” with articles, data points and interactive webinars on the hottest topics in the space, a “wiki” highlighting various country-specific payment systems, event rooms for hosting live, virtual events and post-conference material, a commentary section amassing popular Twitter pages, blogs and op-eds from across the web, among many other features. Underpinning this innovator- and expert-driven model is breaking payments news powered by Business Wire, the global market leader in commercial news and disclosure distribution, which means PYMNTS.com truly gets and distributes the news first.

An Experienced Team

PYMNTS.com is brought to you by What’s Next Media and Analytics, LLC.  The CEO of What’s Next is Karen Webster. She is a globally recognized authority in payments and commerce and widely quoted author. She has assembled a team of leading economists, data analytic experts, management consultants, and journalists to provide cutting edge analysis of “What’s Next”.  What’s Next is owned by Market Platform Dynamics and Continental Advisors LLC.  Market Platform Dynamics is an investor and advisor to clients who want to envision and execute effective multi-sided platform (“matchmaker”) strategies. Continental Advisors is an investment advisor with significant expertise in funding new ventures in payments and commerce. What’s Next (formerly known as 1st in Media) was founded in 2009 by Market Platform Dynamics and Business Wire, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Business Wire, the global market leader in commercial news and disclosure distribution, is the exclusive press release service for PYMNTS.com.