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2:08 PM EST January 24th, 2013

Here are our top five tweets from the week that was. Keep tweeting, and we may feature you next Friday.

@airtag: #NFC alone is only an enabler, #ISIS adds value for end users with Loyalty rewards #NRF13 @pymnts

@BC_PYMNTS: @airtag but value-added components of Isis aren’t unique, to me. Found it more interesting some said NFC tech is driving adoption. 

@airtag: @BC_PYMNTS yes it’s interesting but creating value through: loyalty, couponing & fast ordering etc. will help drive long-term adoption.

Look, it’s our first full Twitter conversation on Top Five Tweets! This debate between AIRTAG and myself pretty much encapsulates the debate about what will drive NFC adoption: the added-value features, or the technology itself? Most – myself included – believe it’s the former, but when I went to NRF I heard some Isis users say that consumers were picking up on contactless simply because they saw others doing so and thought it was cool. I’m not sure that can drive the NFC industry as a whole, but it’s still an interesting tidbit and I thank AIRTAG for the little debate.

Read the original tweets here.

@NMAtv: “Apple only earned $13.1 billion dollars?! Let’s all freak out!” – Investors 

It’s been amusing to watch some of the backlash from the “sky is falling” rhetoric we’ve heard from analysts re: Apple’s stock in wake of their fiscal Q1 2013 earnings on Wednesday. Some sites are calling for Tim Cook’s head, while others, such as this Venture Beat article, are asking exactly what should be expected o a company what just posted $54.5 billion in revenue in a single quarter. Apple stocks may be plummeting right now, but I’m sure there are plenty of eager investors waiting to buy low.

Read the original tweet here.

@florianacristea: “If something appears too good to be true, it almost certainly is”! The Downside Of The mPayments Revolution: @pymnts

This reaction from Floriana stems from our interview with NetNames exec Luge Pravda, who gave us some great insight into the ways fraudsters and criminals can take advantage of the mPayments revolution. Mobile wallets are clearly the way of the future and they’re worth getting excited about, but Pravda provided us with some a great take on some of their potential pitfalls as well. Security problems can be overcome, sure, but that doesn’t make them nonissues.

Read the original tweet here.

@matthewjtucker: Excellent article from @pymnts on loyalty @niemanmarcus where a customer spends 40% of “her disposable income”…

We thank Matthew for the kind words, and for drawing attention to one of our most popular stories of the week. Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster took a look at Nieman’s loyalty program, and how other more mainstream retailers can apply it to their practices as well. If you missed it, be sure to take a look. 

Read the original tweet here.


Because when a mock Twitter account of one of your favorite childhood TV personalities tweets something funny about the niche industry you write about for a living, you cite it whenever you can.

Read the full tweet here.

Have a good weekend, and keep tweeting! 

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