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AI in Brazil: Exploring opportunities

 |  March 29, 2024

By: Tania Cosentino (Microsoft On the Issues)

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is burgeoning worldwide, and Brazil is no exception. People are captivated by the innovative capabilities of generative technology, which can revolutionize societal structures and interactions. Yet, legitimate concerns persist regarding AI’s impacts on information security, privacy, and the future of employment. The transformative potential of AI parallels the seismic shifts brought about by the advent of personal computing.

With these considerations in mind, I am delighted to introduce the report “AI in Brazil: Exploring Opportunities.” Within these pages, you will find a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s endeavors to harness this monumental innovation for universal benefit, encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Microsoft is deeply committed to fostering effective governance of AI and promoting responsible usage by individuals and organizations alike. At the national level, we endeavor to collaborate closely with clients and partners, including the Brazilian government and companies across various sectors, to catalyze innovation and yield collective societal gains. The chapter “Artificial Intelligence in Brazil in Action” delves into the specifics of these initiatives.

Highlighting Brazil’s endeavors in navigating the nascent stages of this transformation is particularly pertinent this year, as 2024 marks Brazil’s assumption of the presidency of the G20 international forum. The advancement of AI is a central topic in global discourse, and the G20 summit will be no exception. International bodies aim to establish guidelines for behavior, conduct, and governance to ensure that AI’s benefits are equitably realized and distributed, while preempting and mitigating any potential misuses.

In leading such a diverse assembly, Brazil is well-positioned to assert its perspectives and chart forward trajectories. One avenue for achieving this is for Brazil to showcase to its G20 counterparts the vast market potential for developing AI solutions and applications, leveraging the existing tools provided by Microsoft and other providers. The objective is to catalyze the realization of novel concepts tailored to the unique demands and requirements of each country or region.