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 |  September 27, 2018

September’s arrival sees ongoing changes as new trends settle and uncertainties grow regarding the future of some important political and economic arrangements throughout the world. The role of whistleblowers, the validity of competitor deals, and re-shuffling of priorities in the EU and US alike make for an interesting dive into finer points of Competition theory and law around the world….

Dividing Markets and Customers: Are Market Allocation Agreements Per Se Antitrust Violations?
Have you ever considered the idea that your business would be much more profitable if you didn’t have to compete so hard with that pesky competitor or group of competitors…?
Jarod Bona (The Antitrust Attorney)

A Whistleblower Story (Hypothetical)
I have been advocating for some time that antitrust cartel whistleblower legislation be passed.  Whistleblower legislation has been phenomenally successful for the SEC and other agencies and there is no reason price fixing/bid rigging cartels shouldn’t face the threat of a whistleblower…
Robert Connolly (Cartel Capers)

EU competition law highlights -Summer 2018
In case you missed it, you’ll find below a summary of key EU competition law developments from this summer…
Chantal Lavoie (Lavoie Legal)

More Evidence Against the Common Ownership Problem
“The U.S. stock market is having another solid year. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the shares of companies that manage money.” So what has any of that to do with the common ownership issue? A few things…
Michael Sykuta (M. Sykuta)

UK’s Proposed Investment Scrutiny Powers Are Far-Reaching
The authors present a comparative discussion on the recently issued National Security and Investment White Paper, which proposes a significant expansion of the UK government’s powers…
Douglas Lahnborg & Matthew Rose (Orrick Antitrust Watch)

New Law Allows Consumers Concerned about Identity Theft to Place Free Credit Freezes and Fraud Alerts
The new Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief & Consumer Protection Act also allows parents to freeze for free the credit of their children who are under 16.…
Robert Magielnicki (Shepard & Mullin Antitrust Law Blog)

On the Amazon probe: neutrality everywhere (or the rise of common carrier antitrust)
Commissioner Vestager announced, last week, the launch of a preliminary probe into some of Amazon’s practices, apparently triggered by Amazon’s use of data coming from merchants…
Pablo Ibañez Colomo (Chilling Competition)

Challenging Class Action Certification and the Classic Antitrust Case of Comcast v. Behrend
As an attorney defending an antitrust class action, your job is to get your client out of the case as expeditiously and inexpensively as possible….
Jarod Bona (The Antitrust Attorney)

Ex-post assessments of state aid: an economic framework developed for the European Commission
State aid control has been a top priority on Margrethe Vestager’s agenda as the European Commissioner for Competition. This has led to a number of high-profile state aid investigations that have made the headlines around the world…
Enno Elits & Nicole Robins (Knect 365)

Anchoring claims to a UK subsidiary
The recent decision of the High Court in Vattenfall AB v Prysmian is another example of claimants being allowed to use non-addressee English subsidiaries as anchor defendants for their competition damages claims…
Tristan Jones (Competition Bulletin)

FTC at work outside the Beltway
This week, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first FTC regional office. The FTC first established three branch offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco in order to handle the agency’s growing workload…
Bruce Hoffman (FTC)

Patient Access to Affordable Medicines: How a Renegotiated NAFTA Could Keep Drug Prices High
On Friday, September 14th, a Congressional briefing was held regarding the renegotiation of NAFTA and how certain changes under discussion could end up undermining the President’s Blueprint to lower drug prices in the United States by extending pharma monopolies…
Doyle, Barlow & Mazard PLLC (Antitrust Lawyer Blog)

Grillin’&Chillin’: Two new entrants in the competition press segment
Competition is thriving in the chilling competition market. This blog always stood for the proposition that it’s possible to cover competition law in an informative, serious manner, yet with a relaxed or even purportedly fun tone…
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chilling Competition)