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DFDS and C.RO Ports get EC approval for Ro-Ro terminal Älvsborg

 |  April 2, 2012

The European Commission has approved DFDS and C.RO Ports’ proposed acquisition of Älvsborg, a terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden. DFDS is a shipping conglomerate active in short sea/ferry transport in Northern Europe. C.RO Ports is a terminal operator providing services in the U.K., Belgium, and the Netherlands.

An investigation by the Commission showed that alternative terminals in Gothenburg for competing shipping lines would remain after the merger. In addition, the Gothenburg Port Authority and Älvsborg have a concession agreement that requires non-discriminatory usage of the terminal for shipping lines. The Commission was satisfied that the deal will not significantly impair competition on Gothenburg-UK and Gothenburg-Belgium/Northern France routes.

Full content: EC Press Release


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