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EU Probes Microsoft’s Alleged Security Software Monopoly Tactics

 |  February 28, 2024

The European Commission has launched a probe into Microsoft’s practices amidst allegations that the tech giant may be obstructing customers from using certain security software from its competitors.

This investigation, revealed through a document obtained by Reuters in January, sheds light on yet another contentious issue in the ongoing scrutiny of Microsoft’s business operations within the European Union.

Over the years, numerous companies have voiced concerns regarding Microsoft’s bundling services and its practices in cloud computing, prompting European regulators to initiate several investigations. While Microsoft has asserted efforts to address the grievances of its rivals, the latest focus of the European Commission’s examination is on Microsoft’s Entra ID software, previously known as Azure Active Directory, reported Reuters.

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Entra ID plays a pivotal role for businesses, offering control over user access to cloud-based applications. However, regulators are probing whether Microsoft’s customers are restricted to using only Entra ID for authentication into Microsoft services or if they have the option to utilize rival software as well. A spokesperson for the European Commission confirmed that multiple complaints have been received regarding Microsoft, particularly concerning its product Azure, and are undergoing evaluation through standard procedures.

News of the commission’s investigation was first reported by The Information, which cited a document sent to a Microsoft rival. This development comes amidst growing tensions in the tech industry, with Alphabet’s Google recently intensifying criticism of Microsoft’s cloud-computing practices. Google has accused its rival of attempting to establish a monopoly that could impede the advancement of emerging technologies such as generative artificial intelligence. However, Microsoft has vehemently denied these allegations.

Source: Reuters