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FTC Commissioner Bedoya Urges Competition Law Against Worker Misclassification

 |  February 4, 2024

In a compelling address on Friday, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya emphasized the urgent need for antitrust enforcers, including the FTC, to utilize competition law to combat the pervasive issue of worker misclassification. The call to action comes at a time when various federal agencies are already investigating the controversial practice, raising concerns about the impact on workers’ rights and benefits, reported Bloomberg.

Commissioner Bedoya highlighted the misclassification of workers as independent contractors, rather than employees, as a potential unfair method of competition that warrants serious attention from competition authorities.

The misclassification of workers has become a focal point for labor law enforcers, with government agencies, unions, and civil society groups increasingly vocal about the detrimental effects on workers. The prevalent practice of designating workers as independent contractors has raised alarms due to its potential to deprive individuals of essential income and benefits, a concern that has sparked a broader conversation about workers’ rights in the evolving job landscape.

Commissioner Bedoya’s push for competition law to be applied to worker misclassification aligns with the broader movement to address the issue comprehensively. By framing the misclassification of workers as an unfair method of competition, antitrust enforcers may have a more robust legal basis to intervene and rectify practices that harm workers and undermine fair competition.

The call to action also coincides with ongoing investigations by other federal agencies into the classification of workers. The spotlight on worker classification is intensifying, and Commissioner Bedoya’s stance adds momentum to the efforts aimed at safeguarding the rights and well-being of workers across various industries.

Source: News Bloomerg Law