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Germany Blocks Sale Of Elmos Chip Factory To Chinese Over Security Concerns

 |  November 9, 2022

The German government on Wednesday blocked prospective Chinese investment in two domestic semiconductor producers after the moves raised concerns over national security and the flow of sensitive technological know-how to Beijing.

The government said it had vetoed the takeover of the chip factory of the Dortmund-based company Elmos by Silex, a Swedish company that is a subsidiary of Chinese group Sai Microelectronics.

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Berlin also blocked investment in ERS Electronic, which is based in the southern state of Bavaria, government sources told Reuters. A spokesperson for ERS Electronic said there was no plans to sell the company but it had been exploring the option of getting investment from a Chinese private equity firm.

The decisions came at a time of heightened sensitivity around relations between Berlin and Beijing.

The government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who visited China last week, is trying to balance a push for access to the Chinese market for European companies with addressing security concerns and reducing Germany’s trade reliance on China.