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OpenAI Proposes Remedies On ChatGPT To Italian Watchdog

 |  April 6, 2023

Regulators announced on Thursday that the company responsible for ChatGPT will suggest solutions to address data privacy issues that led to a temporary ban of the AI chatbot in Italy.

The Garante, Italy’s data protection authority, recently halted the operations of OpenAI’s chatbot due to potential violations of European Union data privacy regulations. This decision requires the chatbot to cease processing the personal information of Italian users until further investigation is conducted.

According to experts, this is the first time democracy has implemented a nationwide prohibition on a mainstream AI platform.

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During a video call on Wednesday, OpenAI executives, including CEO Sam Altman, committed to implementing measures to address concerns raised by the watchdog’s commissioners. However, the specific remedies have not yet been specified.

 The Italian regulatory authority conveyed to OpenAI the significance of adhering to the EU’s strict data privacy regulations, without intending to hinder the progress of AI technology.

The ban was imposed by regulators due to the exposure of some users’ messages and payment information to others. Additionally, there were questions raised about the legal basis for OpenAI to collect large amounts of data used to train ChatGPT’s algorithms. Concerns were also expressed that the system could potentially generate false information about individuals.