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Spotify Meets With UK’s CMA Over Apple’s App Store Fees

 |  October 31, 2022

Audio streaming giant Spotify has called on the competition watchdog to investigate Apple, accusing it of blocking its new audiobook service.

According to the Telegraph, the Sweden-based Spotify met with the Competition and Markets Authority on allegations Apple had rejected several iterations of updates to its app for the iPhone and iPad.

Spotify added audiobooks to its streaming platform last month, allowing users to buy recordings to listen to through its service.

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In order to avoid Apple’s much-criticised 30% fee charges for purchases made on apps through its devices, Spotify initially emailed users links to purchase an audiobook, but was reportedly forced to stop even doing that by Apple when submitting app updates for its listing in the App Store.

The Telegraph said the app now tells users: “Want to listen? You can’t buy audiobooks in the app. We know it’s not ideal.”

Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek last week slammed Apple for “choking competition” with its requirement that any purchase made through an app be processed by its system – and attract the 30% fee.