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Sun Pharma’s Antitrust Settlement Approved

 |  March 12, 2023

Sun Pharmaceutical has settled its antitrust litigation with a settlement valued between $75 million to $95 million, having been accused of participating in an alleged industrywide scheme to fix generic drug prices. A federal judge has approved the settlement agreement, Bloomberg reported.

Judge Cynthia M. Rufe approved the agreement relating to Sun’s numerous claims regarding hundreds of drugs and multiple pharmaceutical companies. This resolution resolves some of the ongoing litigation.

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Sun, which bought Ranbaxy in 2014, admitted no wrongdoing. It agreed to the settlement to “resolve this dispute and avoid uncertainty,” the company said in a filing. The settlement’s size may be small in comparison to the pharma industry’s multibillion-dollar opioid settlements—or even Roche and AstraZeneca’s $775 million patent settlement.