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Tinder Agrees to Transparency Measures Following EU Scrutiny

 |  March 7, 2024

In response to concerns raised by national consumer watchdogs in the European Union regarding its pricing practices, Tinder, a dating app owned by Match Group, has agreed to implement measures to better inform users about discounted prices for its premium services, reported Reuters.

The authorities’ scrutiny focused on Tinder’s use of automated algorithms to identify users who displayed little or no interest in their standard-priced premium services. These users were then offered personalized discounts without being adequately informed, which was deemed a violation of the EU’s consumer laws.

After nearly two years of discussions with the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC), the Swedish Consumer Agency, and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, Tinder has committed to providing users with greater clarity regarding its pricing strategies, as announced by the European Commission.

Under the new agreement, Tinder will inform users that the discounts offered for its premium services are personalized using automated algorithms. Additionally, users will be provided with explanations as to why they are receiving personalized discounts. EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders emphasized the importance of transparency in consumer transactions, stating, “Personalization techniques nullify the possibility to compare prices, effectively disempowering consumers in their purchasing decisions.”

Reynders further elaborated that EU consumer law now mandates traders to disclose whether their prices are personalized through automated means, underscoring the necessity for transparency in pricing practices.

Source:  Reuters