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UK Watchdog OKs Viasat’s Purchase Of Inmarsat

 |  May 9, 2023

Viasat has successfully acquired satellite company Inmarsat following a thorough investigation by the UK competition authority to assess the potential impact on the market.

The satellite companies released a statement indicating that the UK Competition and Markets Authority has found no issues with the transaction.

Viasat and Inmarsat have announced that the decision is a significant step in their efforts to obtain the necessary approvals. They further stated that their attention will now be on obtaining the remaining clearances.

The CMA approved the decision without any necessary actions. The regulator noted that there is enough competition from various companies, such as Starlink and OneWeb, and mentioned OneWeb’s recent accomplishment of completing its first group of satellites as evidence.

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Richard Feasey, who leads the inquiry group overseeing the CMA’s Phase 2 investigation, stated that the satellite communications industry is rapidly evolving, with new companies entering and more satellites being launched.

Companies are engaging in new commercial deals and it appears that the satellite connectivity sector will continue to expand due to an increasing demand.

Viasat and Inmarsat have received clearance from authorities in Australia and the US for their proposed deal, which is now under scrutiny by the European Commission.