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Meat Industry Giants Face Renewed Antitrust Lawsuits

 |  January 4, 2024

Meat industry leaders Cargill Inc., JBS S.A., Tyson Foods Inc., and National Beef Packing Co. find themselves entangled in antitrust lawsuits accusing them of conspiring to manipulate beef prices. On December 29, four complaints were filed against these giants with the US District Court of the Eastern District of New York.

Quality Supply Chain Co-Op, Gordon Food Service Inc., Glazier Foods Co., Target Corp., and BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. are among the plaintiffs, alleging that the meat processors collaborated to artificially inflate beef prices beyond market demand. According to court documents, the plaintiffs contend that this price-fixing conspiracy dates back to as early as January 1, 2015.

The legal action points to conversations between a former JBS Swift Beef employee and James Hooker, head of fabrication at a Swift plant, as evidence of collusion. Additionally, the plaintiffs assert the existence of a slaughter reduction agreement among the accused meat packers.

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These recent allegations are not isolated, as they echo similar claims made in a lawsuit by Compass Group and another by a group of small food distributors in October 2023. The mounting legal challenges suggest an increased scrutiny on the practices of these industry leaders, with potential ramifications for the broader meat market.

As the court process unfolds, industry observers are keenly watching to see how these accusations will impact the reputation and operations of the meat giants at the center of these antitrust lawsuits.

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