General Electric Beefs-Up Security Commitment With Acquisition Of Wurldtech

GE announced Friday that it has agreed to purchase cyber-security firm WurldTech as one of several recent moves to “help protect critical infrastructure and advance cybersecurity efforts globally for key industries,” according to a released statement by GE.

WurldTech specializes in operations technology and will focus their work through GE on security for industrial machinery and infrastructure. This will mean applications in areas ranging from oil production; water and wastewater; electrical generation and distribution; and pharmaceuticals. The services will focus on screening operational vulnerabilities and developing products that protect operations-technology networks.

“The world of OT security needs to be foundationally different from traditional IT detection systems,” GE Software executive Bill Ruh said in the release. “Securing connected machines has a unique set of complexities that are very different from protecting a datacenter.”

WurldTech will continue to operate under its own name but will henceforth be a wholly own subsidiary of General Electric. There are no confirmed reports out yet about how much GE agreed to pay for the Vancouver-based cyber-security company.

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