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How Fraud Fears Impact FIs’ Adoption of Faster Payment Solutions

Forty-six percent of FIs say the fraud risks of providing open banking outweigh the benefits, but the share of skeptics rises to 57% among FIs that experienced increased fraud. PYMNTS Intelligence’s latest study of 200 FI execs, “How Fraud Fears Impact FIs’ Adoption of Faster Payment Solutions,” a collaboration with Hawk AI, details why FIs are cooling toward open banking but staying the course on real-time payments.

PDF | Inside the February 2024 Report

Generative AI Tracker®: Banking on AI: Financial Services Sector Harnesses Generative AI for Security and Service

GenAI is rapidly gaining traction in the financial services sector, but executives worry about the risk of spreading financial misinformation and exposing sensitive data to security breaches. The latest “Generative AI Tracker®,” a collaboration with AI-ID, examines what experts and bankers say is needed to get bankers over the hump.

PDF | Inside the January 2024 Report

Regulating Generative AI: The Six Storylines of 2023

Since the emergence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform in late 2022, a considerable amount of public attention and private capital has been directed toward GenAI and its potential. In “Regulating Generative AI: The Six Storylines of 2023,” PYMNTS reveals AI’s six storylines of 2023 in this new report featuring insights from experts in the field.

PDF | Inside the December 2023 Report

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As novel uses of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) come to light, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are evaluating how their firms can best benefit from the technology. Enterprises employing the technology more strategically have tended to experience the most significant benefits. In general, these firms report the highest returns on investment...

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Is AI the Master Key to Banking’s Next Era?

For banks and financial institutions (FIs), systemic adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is perhaps the industry’s most formidable litmus test of adaptability since the global embrace of digital banking in the 1990s. On one hand, embracing AI could lead to unparalleled efficiencies and granular insights, offering a competitive advantage...

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What Ten Payments Execs Said About GenAI’s Promises and Pitfalls

The headlines surrounding AI have been breathless these past several months, heralding landmark technology that stands poised to transform all facets of life — including commerce and payments. Decades in the Making Where We are Now Headed Toward Personalization Looking at the Risks — and Regulation First thing’s first. The...

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