Infor Drops $25M Into Predictix

Staying one step ahead of the competition (or two if brands can swing it) is a crucial part of the wider issue of giving consumers what they want. Predictix has grown a company on the back of just that kind of predictive analysis, and its new partner, Infor, thinks it’s time for those services to reach a wider audience.

Predictix and Infor announced Monday (Jan. 18) that they had closed on an official partnership that would see Infor invest $25 million into Predictix. In exchange, Infor will become a reseller of Predictix applications. Duncan Angove, president of Infor, explained that the arrangement brings several high-powered products under Infor’s umbrella.

“Predictix has shown how next-generation technology can drive transformational value at some of the world’s largest retailers,” Angove said in a statement. “We were also impressed by the LogicBlox Platform, which underlies the Predictix applications and has attracted DARPA funding for its fundamental innovation.”

ZDNet reported that the deal comes at an incredibly fortuitous time for Infor. Back in Oct. 2015, the company announced that it had signed a deal with Whole Foods to develop a cloud-based predictive supply analysis engine for the grocery retailer. While Infor has said that it also plans on using elements of the recently acquired GT Nexus in the Whole Foods build, Predictix’s software suite will almost certainly make some kind of appearance in or have influence on the final product.

“Infor and Predictix share a passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients,” Molham Aref, CEO of Predictix, said in a statement. “Infor brings a rare combination of global scale, design thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that is a great match for our next-generation technology and solutions.”

It’s unclear when Infor might start reselling Predictix’s products — or when Infor might release first looks at its Whole Foods platform — but when the news breaks, it’s likely that both companies will be better for the collaboration.