Wirecard/Visa Europe Pair On FinTech Services

Wirecard and Visa Europe Collab are pairing up to serve the FinTech market.

Wirecard Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of Wirecard AG (payment processing and financial tech provider), announced yesterday (Jan 18) a partnership with Visa Europe Collab, a Visa Europe initiative focused on innovation.

Through this partnership, Wirecard will act as the provider of technology and banking solutions in a strategic development aimed at offering FinTech startups and technology entrepreneurs their industry insight, partner networks and platforms and tools needed to develop services that innovate the payment experience. Visa Europe Collab, which will serve as a partner in this new venture, is an international innovation hub that supports startups and entrepreneurs in the development and creation of new technologies in the payments space.

Where Visa Europe Collab comes into the mix is specifically focused on designing/creating new products and services that complement this partnership that harnesses technology and digital organizations from across the payments ecosystem. Visa Europe Collab will run Proof of Concepts (POCs), Proof of Technologies (POTs) or Proof of Propositions (POPs) together with partners.

“We are looking forward to this partnership with Visa Europe Collab, which is part of our long-term strategy to increase our activity in the FinTech industry. The cooperation will provide global FinTech startups with access to our complete range of services: from banking to software and payment solutions, risk management, card issuing and value-added services — everything from a single source. Our long-standing experience in reinventing payments and related banking services using Internet technologies together with the creativity and the speed of FinTechs will enable us to create the innovative solutions expected by the customers of today,” said Susanne Steidl, EVP Issuing Services at Wirecard.