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A Dozen of Our Year-to-Date Favorites

 |  December 22, 2015

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Important News for the Antitrust/Competition Community

At the bottom of the left-hand column, you’ll find a link to a complimentary issue containing the 12 articles listed on the left; a list which includes our most popular articles published this year. We’re offering this free issue to introduce the new CPI organization site licensing program to the antitrust/competition community. These articles represent just a part of the breadth and the width of the content you’ll find on this site.

In 2005, CPI began publishing the CPI Journal, online and in print, twice a year. Each issue contains symposia dealing with vital antitrust topics, presenting articles written by eminent scholars and practitioners, along with case studies and historical reprints. In 2008, we expanded our offerings with the CPI Antitrust Chronicle (formerly GCP Magazine) presenting, twice a month, an online-only collection of articles dealing with current issues of keen interest to our readers. In 2009, we launched our online learning center and published our first book, Trustbusters. 

To make all of these resources easily available, we launched a new website earlier this year. We included features that makes the site the comprehensive resource of all things antitrust/competition policy, all easily searchable and attainable. Our new site houses the complete archives of both our publications and, in a specially-designed resource library, has a sophisticated search engine that allows searching by topic, author, country, title, date, or source. Also in the resource library are copies of important documents and other publications.

But we offer far more resources than just the library:

  • Our Hot Tubs section gives the antitrust community, in one place, the information needed to understand news-breaking events—presented in a variety of media formats.
  • Our commentary section gathers blogs and tweets from all over the globe, making it a one-stop location to catch up on breaking news and opinions. And in case you’ve missed something, every month we publish the best postings in a special newsletter, the “CPI Blog ‘o Blogs.”
  • Our Community section includes biographies of key antitrust players and their firms.
  • Our Events section keeps track of conferences, classes, and competitions offered world-wide.

New Institutional Licensing Program

With the new site broken in, we’re initiating a new site license program for institutions, offering both a basic and an elite license. The following is a brief summary of what we’re offering; for complete information visit our new institutional license page.

The Basic License, offered at $999/year, will offer the following features:

  • One year subscription to all the CPI publications and classes, including the CPI Journal, (both print and online), CPI Antitrust Chronicle, CPI Blog o’ Blogs, our Hot Tubs, and special issues.
  • Optimal research capabilities, including easy access and search functions to all our archives (over 600 articles, written by 150 authors, covering over 50 countries). Individuals will be allowed to bookmark articles of interest.
  • Unlimited IP access for all offices locations (no need for individual log-ins and passwords).
  • An unrestricted download and distribution license within the firm.
  • Personal biographies in our Community Section.
  • Unlimited access to all of our website features, including the calendar, community, and commentary pages.

The Elite License, offered at $1499/year, will include all of the above and the following:

  • Free registration for any current (or future) CPI Learning Center classes.
  • An Organizational profile on the website.
  • Inclusion of sponsored events in the CPI calendar.
  • Inclusion of the corporate blog in our commentary blog lineup.
  • Corporate event to be posted in our events calendar, including one event a year to be included in our newsletter.

For further questions, inquiries, or to enroll in one of these programs, just send a comment via the “contact” button at the bottom of this page or send an email to “contact@competitionpolicyinternational.com.”

We hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Lindsay McSweeney and the CPI Team

P.S. If any of you are wondering about the status of individual subscriptions, we will continue to offer them—under the same current restrictions of one-user subscriptions with no distributions allowed—for an increased price of $249/year.