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 |  August 30, 2011





August 2011
We bring summer to a close with a potpourri of articles, ending with an appropriate lazy dog reference. Before then, though, our chosen blogs explore the intersection of antitrust & IP law, reveal strongly felt reactions to court and FTC activities, take a couple of looks abroad-at Israel and the Philippines-and discuss how to encourage whistle blowing. Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Google Books Settlement, 2008 – 2011
The Google books settlement was caught in the blast from the recent court decision on In re: Literary Works in Electronic Databases Copyright Litigation, and received fatal injuries.
James Grimmelmann (The Laboratorium)
Efficiency, Competition, Capital Formation, Investor Protection, Apple Pie and  Puppies
Do we need more industrial economists in addition to the (relatively few) financial economists on the Commission staff?
J.W. Verret (Truth on the Market)
FTC v. Lundbeck: Why, God, Why?
What really has the world come to when a merger to a monopoly followed by a 1300% price increase survives a Section 7 challenge?
Christopher Sagers (AntitrustConnect Blog)
Epstein, Kieff & Spulber Eviscerate the FTC’s Proposal on Regulating SSOs
Such a trend would seriously undermine capital formation, job growth, competition, and the consumer welfare the FTC seeks to promote.
Geoffrey Manne (Truth on the Market)
Rothschild Boulevard: Road to a Better Israel
That around 20 families in Israel control nearly 25 percent of publicly listed firms increases opportunities for cartel-like behavior, including price-fixing and underbidding.
Ariel Harkham (The Jerusalem Post)
Philippines: Competition law, policy hope to curb monopolies, cartels
The absence of such a law has been misinterpreted by some as a blanket license to corrupt the telecom sector, in particular, and Philippine businesses and industries, in general.
(Tonyo Cruz, Asian Correspondent)
DRM for Privacy, Parts 1 & 2
When the floodlights were turned on and the magnifying glass came out, advertisers were essentially caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
Ryan Calo (Concurring Opinions)
GAO Report Supports Antitrust Whistleblower Protection
Should affirmative awards be offered to antitrust whistleblowers?
(Daniel Low, Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Litigation Blog )
Google Asserts That Property Rights are Anti-Competitive
At core, Google is furiously throwing stones at competitors from its glass house.
Scott Cleland (Forbes)
News of Settlement Makes Court “Happier Than a Tick on a Fat Dog”
When a judge is sufficiently bored, exasperated, or relieved, his written comments may not be all that scholarly.
(Lowering the Bar)