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December Blog o’ Blogs

 |  December 21, 2011






In honor of the season, we bring you our 12 days of blogs. After dealing with the collapse of the AT&T merger, we move on to two behavioral discussions and then take a global trip, visiting France, Canada, Israel, and South Africa. The amount of recent FTC activity is evident by the next three articles, dealing with FTC actions on Google, ACOs, and Section 5 usage. We end with two fun articles-some helpful (?) advice on increasing SSRN downloads, and some genuinely helpful advice on how to relax. Kudos to George Mason Law School for remembering that lawyers are, indeed, human. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to everyone!

How AT&T Miscalculated
The gestalt wasn’t good. That’s about the best explanation of why AT&T pulled its deal with T-Mobile.
Holman Jenkins (Wall Street Journal)
Kahneman’s Time Interview Fails to Ally Concerns About Behavioral Law & Econ
One may be skeptical of a nudge strategy even if one believes that humans may, in fact, exhibit some systematic irrationalities.
Thom Lambert (Truth on the Market) (with link to Daniel Kahneman’s Interview at Time)
Consult an Economist Before Buying a Wedding Dress
How RPM is relevant whether buying a wedding dress, golf clubs, or anything from Amazon.
Luke Froeb & Brian McCann (Managerial Econ)
Google’s Controversial-and Growing-Role in French Politics
The American tech giant is unpopular in France, so why is Sarkozy, who faces poor prospects for reelection, suddenly courting them?
Heather Horn (The Atlantic)
Commissioner of Competition Addresses Current Enforcement Priorities in Two Wide-ranging Talks in Vancouver
As a Commissioner she should “get in there and enforce the law.”
Steve Szentesi (Canadian Competition and Antitrust Law)
Israel is Still Far From Achieving Social Justice
These structural recommendations are of unparalleled importance and will increase competition in Israel.
Vision 2030: What’s Needed in South Africa
A strong emphasis on promoting competition is important in South Africa because of the stifling nature of old networks.
Trudi Makhaya & Simon Roberts (Mail & Guardian)
Some Much-Needed Antitrust Skepticism on Senate Letter Urging FTC Google Investigation
There’s something backward about seeing a company hauled before a hostile congressional panel and asked to defend itself, rather than its self-appointed prosecutors being asked to defend their case.
Geoffrey Manne & Berin Szoka (Truth on the Market )
FTC Commissioner: Accountable Care Organizations Will Likely Lead to “Higher Costs and Lower Quality Health Care”
FTC’s ACO Antitrust Policies Have Giant Loopholes.
Avik Roy (Forbes)
In re Pool Corporation: Yet Another Peculiar and Perverse Section 5 Consent from the FTC
This case presents the novel situation of a company willing to enter into a consent decree notwithstanding a lack of evidence indicating that a violation has occurred.
Josh Wright (Truth on the Market)
Professor Graham’s Top Nine Failed Attempts to Increase His SSRN Downloads
5. Offering Charlie Sheen $2,500 to rave about latest article on Twitter
Kyle Graham (Concurring Opinions)
Cuddly Puppies Help Law Students De-Stress Before Exams
Holding a squirming puppy, she said, “you get to be human again.”
Jenna Johnson (Washington Post)