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EU: Votes in favor of Internet fast lanes and slow lanes

 |  October 27, 2015

The European Parliament has voted in favor of controversial net neutrality regulations. MEPs voted down four proposed amendments that critics argued would have closed loopholes in the regulations.

A last-minute rally by MEPs, academics and technology companies had attempted to add amendments to the draft regulation, but MEPs voted in favor of passing the unamended version.

Matt Carthy, MEP for Sinn Féin, said the defeat of the amendments showed that “corporate interests come first”.

Critics of the unamended draft regulations had argued it would allow companies to pay for preferential treatment from ISPs and damage the free and open nature of the internet. The vote also confirms that mobile roaming charges will cease to exist across Europe by 15 June 2017.

Julia Reda, MEP for the Pirate Party in Germany, said the vote would allow for the creation of a “two speed” internet in the European Union.

“We are disappointed that the European Parliament has decided not to legislate on this critical issue,” said Estelle Massé, policy analyst at human rights organisation Access Now. “By not supporting the necessary amendments to give clarity to the text, the Parliament has left it up to courts and national regulators to determine its meaning.”

Full content: The Guardian

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