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German Watchdog Likes Meta Plan For ‘More Transparent’ Data Collection

 |  June 7, 2023

The Federal Cartel Office of Germany praised Meta’s recent decision to provide users with increased control over their personal data usage on various platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to a statement from the Federal Cartel Office, the “accounts center” will provide users with the ability to choose whether they want to use Meta’s services separately or in combination for the first time.

The watchdog, involved in a dispute with Meta regarding privacy and antitrust issues, viewed the action as a significant move.

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In 2019, the Federal Cartel Office instructed Meta, previously known as Facebook, to cease combining user data obtained through its subsidiaries and other websites without obtaining user consent.

The decision was contested by the social media company, resulting in a legal dispute that has been referred to the European Court of Justice. The ruling from the ECJ is anticipated to be announced in the coming month.

The Federal Cartel Office has been in communication with Meta during the legal proceedings to seek a resolution.

The watchdog initially rejected Meta’s proposed “accounts center” for being deficient, but later acknowledged that changes were made to improve its transparency and comprehensibility.