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Google search market

 |  September 19, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is at its final stags in the Google investigations and the defining Google as a monopolist in the market for internet based searching is maybe not as clear as it seems at first sight. On the one hand, for the second straight month Bing saw its U.S. search engine market share on the rise. Meanwhile, Google held steady, duplicating its record share of the search market, while Yahoo held steady after 10 months of declines – maybe the recent decline is a Google strategy?. On the other hand, the growing percentage with more sustainable consumer-focused eCommerce initiatives, centered around local availability, might dilute the market definition and puts pressure on Google to be innovative – the Google Wallet, Google Shopping, and Google Trusted Stores.

Maybe the definition of the market here is a bit trickier and the FTC has a difficult role. Google might indeed be competing against Bing, Yahoo and now Apple, Amazon and also Facebook. The market might be broader than general internet search engines. Many are awaiting the FTC decision and their definition, but for now lets “wait and read”. To read more…

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