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Italian Regulator Probes Other AI Systems After ChatGPT Debacle

 |  May 22, 2023

Garante, Italy’s data protection authority, will conduct a review of additional artificial intelligence platforms and bring on board AI experts. This move comes as the authority increases its examination of the influential technology after ChatGPT was temporarily prohibited in March, reported Reuters. 

Garante is one of the 31 national data protection authorities responsible for overseeing Europe’s data privacy regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is recognized for its proactive approach.

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The agency banned Replika, a chatbot company that uses AI, imposed fines on Clearview AI for facial recognition software, and placed restrictions on TikTok in Europe.

In March, an investigation was launched regarding the suspected violation of privacy rules by ChatGPT, a bot supported by Microsoft Corp’s OpenAI, leading to its temporary ban.

“We plan to kick off a wide-scope review of generative and machine learning AI applications which are available online because we want to understand if these new tools are addressing issues linked to data protection and privacy laws compliance – and we will start new probes, if needed,” said Agostino Ghiglia, a member of Garante’s board.

The popularity of ChatGPT has led major tech companies such as Alphabet and Meta to develop their own similar platforms. Additionally, government officials are discussing potential regulations that may take a significant amount of time to implement.

“We are looking for three AI advisers because we are aware AI tools are evolving very quickly and we need experts with tech background to help us in our data protection activity,” Ghiglia said.

Regulators are utilizing current laws to manage a technology that has the potential to disrupt traditional societal and business practices, as evidenced by this recent action.