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May 2010 Blog o’ Blogs

 |  June 30, 2010
Our eight selections from the antitrust blog world this month are from the United States, Canada, EU, and Great Britain. Posts include describing how Justice Stevens swung the Supreme Court to adopt the Chicago School’s approach to antitrust (to his regret?), concern about the U.K.’s new coalition government’s professed fondness for behavioral economics, some quick repartee between DOJ and FTC representatives, and other diverse posts.

Enjoy—and if you mislay this email, visit the commentary section at the CPI Website where we keep the monthly collections in the From the Editor section.

Justice Stevens introduced the Chicago approach to antitrust to the Supreme Court—did it prove too powerful for him to control?
Justice Stevens and Antitrust
by George L. Priest & William Ranney Levi , Yale University

Is the New York’s Antitrust Division’s only goal to produce coerced guilty pleas, providing costs but no benefits?
Do Cameron and Clegg equate “the insights of behavioural economics” with libertarian paternalism?

Cameron and Clegg advocate behavioural economics—but have they got it right?

by Robert Sugden, University of East Anglia

The first judge to look at the “UPP” criteria didn’t seem impressed…
The EU takes a look at technology and tying—but, surprisingly, they’re not looking at either Apple or Microsoft:

by Federico Etro, University of Milan, in Vox

Melanie Aitken in Canada serves warning that the Canadian Competition Bureau is not to be trifled with:
CREA vs. Canada Competition Bureau: How an Epic Battle Began
by Garry Marr and Theresa Tedesco, Financial Post

Does the GBS mean a future where you can find the lesbian alien Journal to My Tentacle Cave series one click away from Robert Bork’s The Antitrust Paradox? Do they make good shelf mates?

And from the recent ABA Spring Antitrust Meeting, Tom Barnett and Bill Kovacic demonstrate some deft repartee in talking about the relationship between the DOJ and FTC:

DOJ and FTC: Talk About Competition
by BLT: The Blog of Legal Times

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