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Michigan and Sports Law

 |  May 29, 2017

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Michigan and Sports Law

By Adam Epstein (Central Michigan University)

Abstract:     The purpose of this article is to offer and analyze sports law related cases, claims, and issues that have emanated from Michigan. Part I explores examples and incidents involving civil rights and discrimination. Part II addresses a variety of other areas including sports and torts, workers’ compensation, crimes, employment law and intellectual property issues, religion and how antitrust has worked its way into sports and the law in Michigan. Given the large population, coupled with professional sports teams and some of the nation’s largest and most influential colleges and universities, it is no wonder that Michigan is a leader in terms of cases and decisions involving sports and the law, particular with regard to gender and race. No doubt, the state of Michigan and its relationship to sports law has had a profound impact and influence at the national level.

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