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SK Foods’ former CEO and owner pleads guilty to racketeering and price fixing

 |  March 26, 2012

The former CEO and owner of SK Foods, Frederick Scott Salyer, pleaded guilty to racketeering and price fixing. SK Foods was a grower, processor and seller of agricultural products, most notably tomato paste.
From 2004 to 2008, Salyer encouraged a food broker to pay bribes and kickbacks to purchasing officers employed by Kraft Foods, Frito-Lay, and B&G Foods; all three were SK Foods’s customers.
Salyer had also directed SK Foods employees to falsify lab results for its tomato paste.

With other tomato paste sellers, Salyer discussed a target price agreement. Salyer had a co-conspirator withdraw a lower price offered to a customer.

Salyer will be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton on July 10, 2012. Salyer’s bribe recipients and many of his SK Foods subordinates pleaded guilty in 2009.

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